Mangochi Muslims Seek Apology from MAM, QMAM

    Solidality: Muslims heading to the police station this afternoon
    Solidality: Muslims heading to the police station this afternoon

    Muslims in Mangochi are still sticking to their guns that they will not release the camera belonging to the state owned MBCTv which they confiscated on Saturday for shooting at Mangochi Main Mosque without permission until they get apology from Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) and Qadriya Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM).

     According to the Secretary General for the mosque committee Cassim Kasinde, the cameraman claimed he was given a go ahead by MAM and QMAM to take a video at the mosque. The TV Cameraman wanted a background for his story but he didn’t ask for permission from the Muslims he found at the mosque since according to him a go ahead from the two Muslim bodies was enough.

    On Monday afternoon, the Muslims were invited at Mangochi Police where police officers from Eastern Region came to plead with the Muslim to release the camera but their request proved futile. The Muslims said they will only release the camera after they get apology from those who instructed the cameraman to take the video without informing the relevant authorities at the mosque. Both MAM and QMAM were not present including the cameraman during today’s discussions at the police station.

    “Why didn’t those people who instructed him to come and shoot the video here didn’t do the same during Eid prayers which has just happened recently? What is so special with population and family planning? MAM and QMAM owe us an explanation, otherwise we won’t surrender the camera and we will see what we should do next,” said angry Secretary General Kasinde who led the delegation to the police.


    However, speaking in an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website QMAM Executive Director Saiti Jambo has vehemently refuted the claims saying at no any cost did he instruct the cameraman to take a video at the mosque.

    “Therefore, his claim is a total lie and malicious in nature. We as Qadriya, we went to our Mosque in Katema where we conducted our exercise. I can’t even have power to instruct them to take a video at MAM’s mosque after all I am not an employee of MAM,” he said.

    Jambo therefore advised the cameraman to humbly apologise to the Muslims for shooting without permission.

    “We can’t apologise. We don’t know anything about that. It is between the MBCTv and the jamaat,” said Jambo.

    Efforts to talk to MAM Secretary General Dr Salmin Omar provided futile.

    Meanwhile, the committee at the mosque under controversy has summoned authorities from MAM and QMAM to a meeting slated on Tuesday afternoon aimed at resolving the matter.