Matola Urges Muslims to Support Govt

Matola: We need to be thankful to the govt
Matola: We need to be thankful to the govt

Minister of Energy Honourable Ibrahim Matola, has urged Muslims in the country to render their support to the current government and help towards the development of this country.

Matola, a Muslim, said this during the official opening of 2013 Muslim men Ijtmah held at Salima Secondary School Ground in Salima District.

The minister, who is also a well learned Muslim scholar bemoaned the tendency of other Muslim leaders whom he said are going around telling Muslims that they should not support the current government because is led by a woman.

“There are many proofs in the Quran that says a woman can be a leader but there are other people who just want to twist things in order to achieve their ulterior motives. If you are in doubt, you can go and read Surat al- Nisaah. This is the chapter which talks about the status of women,” he said.

Matola further said Muslims should be thankful to the current government since for the first time in the history of this country a number of  Muslims have been included in the cabinet and other government portfolios.

He said: “What the President has done is quite different from other previous leaders since she took six of us as cabinet ministers. And when she wants to help, she just assists everyone without looking at his or her religious affiliation. As Muslims, this is what we need to be proud of. Even, the assistance that the current government has offered to this event really proves it all.”

The minister further said Muslims need to be part of the government machinery so that they should be able to communicate their grievances easily with the relevant authorities.

“It is time we have Muslims in different fields and levels to ensure that we take part towards the development of this country. How can our views be heard when we stay out of government?” said Matola.

Ijtmah is an annual conference where Muslims meet and discuss issues and find solutions to the problems they are facing in their day to day lives, according to Muslim Association of Malawi Secretary General Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar Idrussi.


  1. Salaam,

    Please ask the learned minister which ayaah in suratun nissah says we can be led by a female? We have a clear saheeh hadeeth which states “that nation/people who are led by a female can not be successful”!

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