Medical recommendations and the legitimacy of the need to “wear a mask” to avoid virus Coruna

Cairo 2 October 2012 (Ina) advised Mohamed Ahmed, a professor of virology at the National Research Centre in Cairo, pilgrims wear a mask to avoid infection with “Corona” which appeared in Saudi Arabia ahead of the pilgrimage season, and there is no cure or vaccine yet .

According to a report carried by the Anatolia news agency, Ahmed explained that “the virus itself is weak, but his problem because of the family that mutate, and then difficult task of producing treatments and vaccines quickly, but this is not impossible.”

He advised Ahmed pilgrims hygiene and put the muzzle on the face, indicating that this is the only solution for the prevention of HIV infection, and expect success Arabia in trapping the virus such as the pilgrimage season, because it did not spread as large, as well as the hot weather by not allowing him to stay long.

And discovered the new virus about two weeks ago in the Saudi city of Jeddah in a patient in his contract VI, suffered from severe pneumonia and kidney failure, to be seen from the analysis later he was infected with a rare type of “Corona”, and the virus later to his death and another Saudi, also quoted diagonal critical condition to a hospital in London, prompting the World Health Organization to launch a global warning about this virus.

The organization had previously announced that the virus mysterious new belongs to the family of “Corona” to which he belongs virus “SARS”, but the difference between viruses is that SARS, except as respiratory disease, it may cause inflammation of the stomach and intestines, but the new virus differs from SARS that causes severe inflammation of the respiratory tract, and quickly lead to kidney failure.

And symptoms of this virus, Ahmed said she look like symptoms of the common cold, but evolve to the point where up to death, according to the efficiency of his immune system, and pointed out that the symptoms of the new virus evolves into acute inflammation in the lung, due to damage alveoli and swelling of lung tissue, or to failure Callaway, also may prevent the virus and oxygen delivery to the blood, causing a deficiency in the physiology of the body, which could lead to death in certain cases, especially the elderly, and those with heart disease, and chronic chest and complaining of HIV.

For his part, called the Maher Hashem sentences Deputy Director General of quarantine preventive medicine at the Ministry of Health in Egypt, pilgrims to the use of vaccines against seasonal influenza currently available, pointing out that it can avoid getting sick.

Demanded sentences pilgrims following instructions prevention, including washing hands constantly with personal hygiene, and the use of the visor and change three times a day.

Not recommended by WHO, despite issuing a global warning of the virus, with restrictions on travel because of it, but said in a press statement, it is working closely with the Saudi authorities on sanitary measures during the Hajj season.

The Saudi Ministry of Health said it was monitoring the situation closely to contain the virus with the Hajj season approaches, pointing out that there was evidence confirms that it does not spread easily among humans.

In the same context, Taha Abu Krishh member Islamic Research Academy, to wear Haj muzzle to prevent the new virus does not invalidate the pilgrimage in terms of legitimacy, in response to questions raised on social networking sites about this matter, and added: “There is no reason why a legitimate to wear them, as previously Odzna during the spread of swine flu to wear a muzzle Haj without any ransom, which unanimously agreed the Islamic Research Academy, “according to news agency aired ego

He denied Abu Krishh considered Gag sort of cover forbidden religiously for the pilgrim to wear it, or sewn Muharram worn while performing the Hajj, including requiring a ransom for the pilgrim, said: “It is like putting the hand on the mouth to prevent spray when sneezing time hustle so as not to hurt the people around the person sneeze. “

However, Mohamed Othman member of the Council of Senior Scholars Azhar, speaking on condition having the guidance of doctors to leave wearing them, and said: “permissible to wear a mask if doctors stressed the need to take preventive action from the medical authorities or is to immunize you against virues.”


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