Mia Asks Muslims to Respect the newly elected MAM Leader


    Former minister of transport and public works Sidia Mia has asked Muslims in the country to give the right honor to the newly elected Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad.

    Mia was addressing the crowd gathered outside Comesa Hall in Blantyre soon after the announcement of official results for 2016 MAM national elections where Sheikh Muhammad claimed a landslide victory by winning 114 votes against Dr Imran Shareef’s 7.

    “First of all I should congratulate Sheikh Muhammad for making it once again.Despite facing several challenges during his first term, for the sake of Allah, he has been elected again to be our leader. So my humble request is that we should give him his respect he deserves at all time,” said the former Chikwawa South legislator.

    Part of the crowd gathered outside Comesa Hall that came to welcome the newly elected MAM Chair
    Part of the crowd gathered outside Comesa Hall that came to welcome the newly elected MAM Chair

    He also asked for forgiveness between the two contestants if they had personal grudges and start working together in taking Islam to prosperity.

    He said:“This is the time to forgive one another and start working together as Muslims as we all know that Islam means peace and unity, so let’s forget about the past and look for the means that can help both Muslims and non-Muslims for the social economic growth of the country.”

    Mia furtherasked Muslims in the country to avoid dragging Islamic related issues to the court of law instead,“Muslims should learn using Muslim scholars to solve their disputes.”

    “Muslims should also learn to follow the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad (PBH) to solve our disputes using our leaders like Sheikhs and others. We have also Mufti Abbas Qassim who can give solutions to different disputes without even involving the courts of law. We can also consult the council of Ulamah for guidance,” he said.

    Asked on his expectations from the MAM Chair the former chairman for MAM’s Board of Trustees said “I’m expecting a lot since he has already shown his capability that he can do a lot. It’s my sincere hope that he will continue with his developmental activitieshe has already started implementing such as the distribution of relief items, construction of primary and secondary schools and also his plans to construct an Islamic hospital and university. Sheikh Muhammad is a visionary leader and he will do that In Shaa Allah if we don’t disturb him in one way or the other.”

    He however asked Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad to continue being a good leader and try to utilize every donation for the intended purpose to continue winning the trust of the donor partners.