Mia Calls for Love and Unity to Develop Islam in Malawi


    Sidik Mia

    Former Cabinet Minister Sidik Mia has call upon Muslims in the country to unit in order to develop. Mia was speaking at the Iftar Program held at Blantyre Lodge where Muslims had a joint breaking of their fast in the month of Ramadhan. Mia has asked Muslims to prioritize unity if they are to realize their dreams of owning their own facilities.

    “Lack of unity and love among Muslims are the major contributing factors for our failure to have our own Islamic inclined facilities such as Universities, Hospitals, Schools and Mosques. The syndrome of pulling each other down will not help us. People are doing several Islamic activities for their own benefit, we forget that united we stand. If we can come together and try to do our things together and stop the tendency of channeling money meant for Islamic projects into our pockets we can build our own facilities,” said Mia.

    He further advised Muslims to avoid the tendency of receiving bribes and compromise their duty for the love of their money.

    “What destroys the community is when leaders choose to keep quite because they have been bribed with some monetary benefits at the expense of the whole community. Our leaders always keep quite after receiving a small Sikono (bribe). We should be afraid of the positions that we hold because we will be answerable on the Day of Judgment,” he said.

    Sidik Miaa

    Speaking earlier Sheikh Muhammad Uthman of the Islamic Information Bureau also said that Muslims should emulate the spirit of Sidik Mia.

    “If all Muslims in the country had a spirit of Sidik Mia we would have been somewhere. Honorable Mia has called us all to break our fast with him, and have a world with fellow Muslims. This is a good spirit that every Muslim must always aspire to break the fast with friends and initiate unity in the community,” said Uthman.

    This year’s Iftar Program was jointly organized by Muslim Association of Malawi Blantyre District Chapter and Islamic Concern Organization.