Mia Resigns from PP

    Mia: Made it
    Mia: Resigned

    As the country is few months away from conducting its tripartite elections, Minister of Transport and Public Works Honourable Muhammad Sidik Mia has pulled out as the minister as well as his position as People’s Party (PP) Vice President for the Southern Region.

    He announced the decision on Friday at a news conference held in Blantyre.

    But what is the real reason why Mia has pulled out from the PP? Malawi Muslims Official Website has an answer. Keep visiting this page.


    1. That’s what we call “Mature Politics”. A well principled and matured Politician always an “Extrovert” and not an “Introvert”. That’s the leadership we as Muslims look for. Osati kumene zikukomako ndikomweko ngakhale kuti sizikuonetsa mutu weniweni. Gone are the days when Politician used to practice what is commonly known as “Politics of Appeasement.”
      OK, let us wait for the Malawi Muslims Website to find out for us what drove Mia to completely quit.

    2. And Mr Mia has finally quit front line politics!?
      A confusing and treacherous game Mia is playing here. He at least owes it to the masses; (particularly those who convincingly responded to his call and accorded him a huge political following) an explanation as to what terribly transpired to be dumped so easily and suddenly!

      Atupele and Chilumpha had the courtesy to publicly disclose why they resigned from the cabinet and PP respectively; and Mia has decided to keep mum on such a huge decision!… and quit front line politics all together?

      His constituents, Malawi and Muslims in particular; can never progress with such questionable decisions especially coming from top leaders in our midst.
      As a long serving public figure, he owes a public explanation at least.

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