MIJ, Macra Ask Media Houses To Invest in Investigative Journalism



    The Malawi Institute of Journalism(MIJ) has asked the media houses in the country to engage in investigative journalism to disclose malpractices which hinder the country’s economy.

    MIJ Executive Director Dalitso Mkunika made the remarks during the closure of 3 day workshop at Victoria hotel which was organized in conjunction with the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) under the theme “Building Capacity of Journalists in Broadcast Journalism” saying lack of support from the media organizations bars reporters to do investigative stories.

    Mkunika appreciated the roles played by the media houses in the country being it print, electronic or online in publishing developmental stories but she bemoaned that most of the houses do not feature investigative stories.

    “We always monitor these houses and we have observed that reporters, editors and the producers are doing their job professionally but we have also observed that few journalists carry out investigative stories as compared to other beats. We sat down to find the way on how we can work out on this problem that’s why we decided to hold this workshop in order to equip these journalists with knowledge on how they can carry out investigative journalism to serve all corners of this country,” she said

    She said that their organization is aware that there are many challenges in the industry and that MIJ will support the houses as well as the reporters to achieve this.

    “Our role is to see what we can do to promote the industry from capacity building of journalists ;so what has brought to our attention are the issues of standard, traveling and equipments in doing the investigative reporting that’s why other organizations like MACRA and the Media Council are also here to share the knowledge with one another so that when they go back to their organizations they should keep on practicing them to advance their professionalism,” said the director.

    “Finally let me ask you all that you should work together regardless of the media houses that you are coming from since investigative journalism need a lot of team work. Go and research some other stories out there apart from cashgate because here are a lot of other equally important issues that are taking place in the government, private companies and other organizations,” she concluded

    Concurring with Mkunika MACRA’s Public Relations Officer Fergus Lipenga said his organization is ready to to support the media industry since it’s the fourth arm of government.

    “Macra is always there to support you, so this is the time we should work together and let me assure you that we are going to support you in terms of equipment like computers……and we are going to provide you with more training to equip you with different skills,” said Lipenga