Minister Botomani Hails Airtel Malawi Plc


    Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology Mark Botomani commends Airtel Malawi Plc for listing on Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE)

    Botomani made the remarks yesterday marking the official listing process of the company.

    He said the development has helped Malawians to own shares in one of Africa’s telecommunications giants.

    “Airtel has complied with the 2016 Communications Act which requires mobile phone companies to list on the stock exchange,”

    “Airtel has given Malawians an opportunity to own in part, one of Africa’s biggest telecommunication companies. As Government, we are pleased and in support of such an initiative that will change people’s lives,” Botomani said.

    The Minister also commended Malawians who need to buy shares in the company.

    “Owning shares is a life-long investment. Government would like to commend Airtel for listing. Government would like to commend Malawians who have shown interest in shares,”

    “When we talk about national development, we are in many ways talking about personal development,” he said.

    Botomani also said the company is tax compliant.

    “Airtel is a tax compliant company. Goverment needs taxes to finance public services in the country. For example, the Area 18 Interchange and the Dual Carriage Way being financed by the Malawi Government,” he said.

    Botomani commended MACRA, Reserve Bank of Malawi and MSE for performing duties diligently.

    “Let me finish by thanking MACRA for wonderful work in terms of regulation. Let me thank the Reserve Bank of Malawi for their support in the listing. Let me also thank the Malawi stock Exchange for diligently handling the listing process,” Botomani said.