Ministry Dates Religious Leaders,Urges for Collaboration in Covid-19 fight

MAM officials in. a group photo with Mtambo

The Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity has extended its gear to collaborate with religious bodies in the fight against Covid 19.

Speaking with religious leadership of Muslim groupings of Quadria and  Muslim  Association of Malawi as well as Blantyre CCAP Synod, the Minister responsible for Civic Education, Timothy Mtambo lobbied the religious bodies to take center stage in the fight.

“As we are continuing with this fight, we would like to ask you to through Public Affairs Committee, to have a Covid-19 religious response taskforce which will spearhead the fight in a strategic and coordinated manner.

“The Ministry recognizes that religious fraternity has a voice of trust, if it speaks with one voice this will change for better in this fight of Covid-19,” said Mtambo.

Commenting the same, Chairperson for MAM, Sheik Iddrissa Muhammad assured government that religious groups will continue working with government on this fight through various religious platforms.

“As MAM we are using our radios and television stations to give out Covid-19 messages, we are also encouraging our pastors to preach the same during every gathering,” explained Sheik Iddrissa.

In representing, Blantyre CCAP, Reverend Moyenda Kanjerwa asked government to take on board the religious groups from the onset of any developmental campaign as the sector has voice of influence.

“We thank the Ministry for such initiative besides it comes a bit late, as partners we need to be part of the solution from the start.

“We will work with government as we recognize that the battle to fight the pandemic is still on.” Kanjerwa gave his assurance to the Ministry officials.

Currently, the Ministry has already reached out to Civil Society Organisations with a message on the need for collaboration in the fight of Covid-19.