MUFTO Impressed with 2016 Sister’s camp-Asks for more support


    Muslim Female Teachers Organization (MUFTO) has described the 2016 sister’s camp as the most successful comparing to last year’s.

    MUFTO chairlady Zakia Hafza Noordin was speaking to Malawi Muslims official Website after a four day sister camp which took place at Maryam Girls Teachers Training College in Mangochi which attracted over three hundred young girls from across the country.

    “This year’s camp is very encouraging because we were not expecting to get high turnout of participants. However, with this development, it will encourage our organizing team that next year we shall have an extraordinary camp having more than this year’s participants,” she said.

    Apart from the different activities which took place during the camp, Chancellor College based Muslim scholar professor Samson Sajid who is also the Executive member for Malawi Council for Higher Education was invited to give a carrier talk to the youngsters.

    “We invited different people and one of them was Professor Sajid who came with the University orientation to our young girls and this will really help in shaping their carriers because they have been oriented on how they can choose the carriers in their life and how they can go to chancellor College and any public university,” said the Chairlady.

    Among other activities, the camp was very interesting since the participants were taught more on Arabic braille and plight of blind Muslims.
    This is a very important event to the Muslim community and worthy participating since Limbe Islamic Information Bureau Coordinator Sheikh Ahmad Chienda had a time to present more on Hajj & Umra for Muslim females and marriage issues in Islam.

    Sheikh Chienda demonstrating Hajj & Umra dressing code during the event

    Dr. Halima Wadi also came with a presentation on Funeral Rites in Islam and how a female Muslim can observe Twahala and Swalat in Islam and also the Quran and rules of Tajweed.

    Demonstrations on funeral rites in Islam

    Sister Emma Tepani from Islamic Zakaat Fund (IZF) was also present during the camp to tell the participants conditions for sponsorship and how they can apply to the organization.

    MUFTO Chairlady (Right) Receiving IZF Booklets from Mrs Tepani (Left)

    MUFTO asks more support from the Islamic individuals and organizations so that next year the camp should take place in another district apart from Mangochi.

    “We are satisfied with this year’s program but we want to ask for support from the well-wishers to come and work with us because we are planning to hold the same camp next year but we want to take it to another district since we had also the same event here at Maryam Girls TTC last year so next year should be somewhere else,” said Zakia.

    MUFTO sends the message of appreciations to all the organizations which funded the event including Mai Aisha Trust, Zam Zam Foundation which donated Qurans and other Islamic literature and New Future Horizon Trust which donated some assorted items including rice.

    This is the second camp organized by MUTFO and this year’s theme was “Iman and Education, Our Treasure, Our Pride”

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