Muslim community a key to realizing fullness of humanity – President Mutharika


    President Arthur Peter Mutharika says he and his government cherishes the cordial relationship they have with the country’s Muslim community as it realizes the total provision of amenities to Malawians


    Mutharika ready to receive his gift from A-Ainati

    The remarks came at a meeting the State President held on Thursday with Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) who escorted to Kamuzu Palace Sheikh Jasim Al-Ainati, a delegate from Kuwait-based Revival of Islamic Heritage Continent Committee.

    “My government and the Muslim Association of Malawi have long standing cordial relationship. Together we contribute to the fullness of humanity, by providing for the body and the soul. Let me assure you of my personal support, and that of my government to you, and that the good working relationship which has existed between my government and the Muslim community, will continue for the benefit of all Malawians,” he said.

    Sheikh Jasim Al-Ainati and officials from his organization are in the country to distribute relief food items to people affected by hunger.


    President Mutharika receiving a gift from Al-Ainati

    In addition he is in Malawi to supervise development projects which are being funded by Islamic Heritage African Continent Committee. Kuwait’s Islamic Heritage Revival Society has all along been helpful to Malawians with timely interventions in times of dire need.

    Early 2015 when Malawi experienced destructive floods, the institution distributed food items into three different districts of Chikwawa, Mulanje and Chiradzulu which were among the 15 districts that were declared a disaster zone by President Mutharika.

    In his remarks Sheikh Jasim Al-Ainati commended the President and government for allowing his organization to work freely in the country and help in uplifting livelihoods of Malawians.

    Members of MAM also commended President Mutharika for his unceasing efforts in ensuring that the country’s population is well-catered for through decent housing, enough food and other equally important basic needs.