Muslim Female Teachers Organization (MUFTO) Leading by Example


If you’re in a leadership position, then you know that you have a responsibility to your team. They look to you for guidance and strength; that’s part of  what being a leader is. As a big part of your responsibility, is to lead them with your own actions.

Just responding to that, a grouping called Muslim Female Teachers Organization (MUFTO) has organized a workshop at Mama Khadijah Academy in Mangochi to the students who are expected to seat for Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) exams this year.

MUFTO Chairlady Zakia Hafswa Nurdin told Malawi Muslims Website that they have decided to organize the event to help the Muslim students avoid common mistakes and errors during the taking of exams.

“MUFTO have organized the one day workshop to take place at Mama Khadijah Academy in the district of Mangochi on 14 May, 2016,” Chairlady Zakia Hafswa Nurdin said.

The workshop is intended to increase the pass rate among the Muslim students in the country and also increase the number of students selected to Universities and Colleges.

“This workshop will have a greater impact to the Muslim Community since more Muslim female students may acquire the required points to get into public universities and colleges. As teachers we know what makes students fail exams and will provide the necessary technic to pass exams with flying colors.” Hafswa Nurdin said.

Asked why they decided to have the event at Mama Khadija Academy the Chairlady said; “We have decided to conduct this workshop at Mama Khadija Academy since it has a high number of JCE and MSCE candidates comparing to other Islamic schools but our organization is hoping to extend this workshop in other schools next year if we secure enough funding.”

However she asked support from Islamic organizations for efficient service delivery since currently the organization depends on member monthly contributions to organize the big events like this one.