Muslim Youth Foundation Hands Over Masjid to Amadu Community


Communities around Amadu village in traditional Authority M’bwatalika in Lilongwe district wore happy faces as Muslim Youth Foundation handed over the beautifully renovated masjid.

Speaking at the function, shaikh Ashraf Asima from the community was delighted to have had the masjid finished.

He said they had problems in the masjid but now those problems are over thanks to the foundation.

“In the rainy season, we could get socked as if we were outside, but now they have given us the best masjid and we are thankful for that.” Said Asima.

Asima also said the electricity that the masjid has, will help them in the coming month of Ramadhan as they had problems in buying candles for evening swalas.

In an interview with the Malawi Muslim official website, the foundation’s chairperson Dr. Mwai nkhumbwa said they thought of doing the job as part of ibadah.

“The organization has done this as a charity work as ibadah which may attract the happiness of Allah”, said Nkhumbwa.

He asked the community to take care of the masjid as this is their prayer house and a way to jannah.

“This is the place where we can open our doors to jannah, as a community they have to take care of the masjid as it is their own now”, said Nkhumbwa.

District secretary for Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM), Shaikh Amidu Chikopa, commended the work done by the foundation saying they have put a mark in the Islamic circles.

He said Muslim youth need to know that they are leaders now as such they need to show leadership.

“As MAM We believe that the youths are the leader now and not tomorrow, we would want the Muslim youth to embarked on developing leadership skills and help in the uplifting and developing the Ummah.” Said Chikopa.

The masjid has been renovated with money Amounting to K5 million kwacha.

The foundation is said to construct a madrassah block so that children around the community should have proper and quality Islamic Education.