Muslim Youths Renovate Mosque at Amidu village in Lilongwe


Muslim youths through Muslim Youth Foundation (MYF), a charity foundation has renovated a mosque at Amidu village, Traditional Authority Malili in Lilongwe District.

Speaking in an interview MYF Director of Communications, Bright Malenga told Malawi Muslims Official Website that the organisation renovated Udhu (Ablution) areas, painting the masjid and installing ceiling tiles and solar panels.

Malenga further revealed that the organisation is currently building Madrassah classroom blocks and sheikh’s house at the same mosque.

Muslim Youth Foundation is a charity organisation of young visionary Muslims and the activity was part of the organization’s initiatives aimed at helping needy Muslims in all three regions of Malawi, according to Malenga


  1. Masha’a Allah for oh Wht Ya Dd brothers en sisters in Islam. May Him reward Ya more en make ur family’s to be proud. Grant Ya oh Jannah Firdausi.

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