Muslims Urged to Invest in Life Hereafter

Muslim cleric (Sheikh) , Stambuli Shaban Aims of Nkhandwe Masjid, Sub-Traditional Authority Kalimanjira in Nkhotakota district asks Muslims to bank deeds that will benefit them in the life hereafter.

Addressing the Muslims at the masjid on Friday ahead of construction of a new masjid in the area, Sheikh Aims said it is important for the Muslims of the area to team up if they want a new mosque.

“Let’s always think of investing in the life hereafter. Let’s all take part in the construction of the mosque as such deeds will continue be ours even after death,”

“Well -wishers are ready to finance the Mosque project and it is our task to collaborate with them,” he says.

Sheikh Aims expressed a concern as to why some Muslims in the area don’t want to be involved in works of the new mosque.

“We were told to supply bricks to show our need for the new mosque but we failed. It is very bad that we are many Muslims but can’t team up for the common goal and that is to see a new mosque in this village,”

“In other areas, Muslims have modern mosques and we can also do the same if we can be united,” he says.

Sheikh Aims reminded the Muslims on the importance of everlasting good deeds (Swadaqat Jaariah).

“Our involvement in the construction of the new mosque will benefit us in the graves and on the day of judgement because we will still be the beneficiaries,” he says.

Well-wishers pledged to construct a modern mosque in the area after noting that the current one is too old.

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