MWO Visits Chichiri Prison


Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) on Sunday May 12, 2011 visited Chichiri Prison in Blantyre where they donated various items such as Maize Flour, water baskets, Soap and pots.

Speaking to Malawi Muslim Official Website, Muslim Women Organisation Prison Wing chairperson Fatima M’gwira said they decided to go to Chichiri prison after her organisation received complaints from female Muslim inmates that the kitchen utensils they use for cooking food, are the same ones used to serve pork and other unlawful things which was making Muslims’ lives tough in as far as Islamic teachings are concerned.

“We are very happy to see that there are only two Muslims in the female section now because last time we came there were twelve of them but the population has decreased,” said the chairperson Fatima M’gwira.

In her remarks one of the inmates said she was very happy to see their friends whom she missed since 2008 and that she did not know how to thank Allah for that wonderful visit.

“I am speechless and I don’t know what to say. We have been looking for these things since 2008 but now Allah is great we have them. May Allah bless you all and He should replace where you have removed.

M’gwira however, appealed to the Muslim community to assist the organization financially or materially as it makes their job tougher when seeking donations since they don’t have a traditional donor.

“Our organization has stayed for over 20 years but up to now we don’t have a (traditional ) donor, which makes our life tough. If they have something they want to share with the people in need they can call us as well we will come to collect and distribute them to the needy people,” she said.

Muslim Women Organization, which is affiliated to the Muslims Association of Malawi is one of the oldest Islamic organizations in Malawi which have stayed for over 20 years but without an office. They meet at Blantyre Masjid to elaborate their projects but mostly they operate from their homes, according to the chairlady.



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