My Point of View on Corrupt Islamic Organisations

My point of view

I should first express my gratitude to the honourable minister of Transport Sidik Mia for his warning to the corrupt Islamic organizations in Malawi. I call this is a welcome development.

It is true that we have a lot of corrupt organizations here in Malawi which are also led by selfish-leaders but I don’t know whether the minister’s message is true or not. I would be delighted if the minister could come out with the evidence of what he said to avoid painting bad pictures on other organizations with unsubstantiated allegations.

The issue of corruption among Islamic organizations in Malawi will be difficult to deal with because of the scriptures we follow. Our Quran and Hadiths tell us that it is not good to publicize our donation for us to get more rewards from Allah. Because by doing it publicly, people will take it as a matter of showing- off. This thing is what makes other organizations not to make follow-ups in relation to their donation whether it has been used in a right way or not.

However, if we could have introduced a policy whereby every donor should be following up his/her donation, I think it would have helped.

Coming up with annual reports from these various organizations also might help to ensure that there is accountability and transparency. It is not the time organizations should be hiding their operations.

It is really sad to see that a lot of Muslims are suffering in this country yet someone has acquired donation on behalf of them. Look how our ladies are suffering. Imagine 24 years without an office a big organization like Muslim Women Organization (MWO). Is that fair? No! Let’s wake up and change our minds.

Also look how HIV/AIDS is devastating us Muslims but still a certain organization as honourable said, was funded for that project. Where is this money?

Go to Ndirande main Masjid today and see how cracked a wall and a ceiling are. It is a shame to see those leaders are praying in the same mosque but without doing anything.

But we have to know that not all organizations are corrupt. There are some which are doing a great a job and are supposed to be credited like Muslim Association of Malawi, Al-Barakah Charity Trust, Munazamat, Madina Social Services and Bilal Trust to mention a few. These organizations are doing things that someone can point with his/her own fingers.

And apart from that, we ordinary Muslims are also to blame. We have a tendency of Tithandizeni Bwana (help us boss), knocking on doors of our friends of Asian origin but yet we don’t want to pay Zakkat. Remember, there is a quote which says a “hand of giving is better that of receiving’. This is true.

We should not use these organizations for our own personal interest but we should ask assistance for the welfare of Muslim community.

Lastly, let me also take this opportunity to thank Muslim Sisters Aids Network Association (MUSANET) for the work they are doing in this country. Their work has been receiving praise from different people including CNNi Report producers and Positive Muslims Organization’s Support and Development Officer in South Africa. I urge them to keep it up and not be pulled down by other people who threaten them.

Remember views expressed here are exclusively for the author and doest not reflect to Malawi Muslim Official Website but we believe that everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion.


  1. Of course every individual is entitled to his/her point of view, we are here as a watch dogs to these organizations. No one denies the huge job these organizations are doing, when we talk about mismanagement in these organizations and this can be seen with our naked ayes, it does not necessarily mean that they don't have good things wealthy to be mentioned, they may wonder why focusing only on the other side of the coin. To your point brother Dyton which you said that it would be difficult to deal with this issue of corruption according to the Holy Qur'an and the Prophetic tradition, brother these two sources of law in Islam are clear and straight forward, they denounce this act of corruption mismanagement rather encourages honest and trust wealthy, and that any one goes contrary to this should face the justice for others to take the lessons. And that’s why you'll find that there are other punishments in Islam are encouraged to be done publicly for others to learn and feel the situation. Therefore from my point of view following up what these organization are doing or what they have gained from donors, I don't see this to be some kind of showing off, but rather it’s a kind of good governance accountability and transparency which Islamic Sharia encourages its followers in general and its leaders in particular to follow. We have a lot of good examples from the life style of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) unfortunately we tend not to pay any attention to His beautiful way of life. May Allah guide us all, Aameen

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