My Point Of View on Eid Melaad Nabee


Eid Melaad-un- Nabee, done and gone. Not for good of course, birth is celebrated annually. And unlike other birth days you may think of, this one gets bigger and bigger, more exciting with each year passing. Every turn of it, as colourful as no other time. Imagine what it’s going to be like in the next 12 months session………. and the other years to come….. Allah knows.

Honestly, I applaud the organization itself, so classic and beautiful. These people can really be organized. I really like the huge crowd, which confirms to me that we, Muslims are really sharing a large percentage of the countries total population, never mind what the national official statistics say, we know the plain truth.

Back to the Melaad Parade, I am really not in support of this practice, because it’s, in my opinion, unauthentic.

Are you surprised? Read my lips; this thing is beating Christmas, far ahead.

Until the last 5 years, I never knew Melaad was supposed to be celebrated with such pomp, neither have I come across any school of thought on the same, not talk of lectures from our well versed and distinguished sheikhs.

I also remember of one tradition (Hadith) of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that cautions Muslims to beware of innovations. By the way, can someone tell me of any occasion where the Sahaba celebrated Melaad? If not, then why not inform the likes of me that Islam has been modified in order to level ourselves with other faiths and feel we live with the times? Well, could it be that Allah never knew (God forbid!) what the future would be like if we really have to bring things He never told the Prophet to advise us to do?

My fears about this:

Now consider this quote as uttered by one well versed and respected Sheikh (who I can not disclose his name now because by the time I went online he was not yet contacted) on one of the local radio stations prior to the event: “Tsiku limeneli timakumbukira kubadwa kwa mpulumutsi wathu.” (This is the day when we celebrate the birth of our Savior), end of quote. (If you need the audio of this, I can provide). What was the sheikh insinuating? Has now Muhammad assumed or attained the title of savior just like Jesus according to our beloved folks of the Christian faith?

This might not ring anything in your mind perhaps. Let me take you back to the venue of the climax of the parade, Mpingwe Sports Club, where another good Muslim fellow publicly, proudly and boldly told every Malawian ear present. “Imeneyi ndi Christmas ya ife asilamu.” (This occasion is the Christmas for us Muslims.) It sounds good isn’t it? God forbid!!

Come to think of it; how many ignorant Muslims heard this and would simply take this as plain truth, and start saying the same? They would believe in these headless remarks that only reflect one’s ignorance at the highest level. Remember, our level and capacity of thinking is determined by our utterances.

I understand and appreciate the fact that we have much respect for the Prophet. That is good and healthy. We love him so dearly, and that’s how we can exercise our love for Allah. It is indisputable. But should this guarantee us the mandate to accord him every title even if it is one of the qualities of Allah the Almighty? Should this love for the Prophet lead us to extremes?

When falsehood creeps in, it is so innocent. Later, it grows moss that describes its identity as it covers the object within. The truth vanishes.

Well, it looks good to see Muslims gather in large numbers yes. Think of the fun the parade brings in the faces of shouting voices. Wait a minute, why is it that Asian Muslim women do not take part in the parade? Among the scores of Muslims who parade, the larger percentage is of our Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins, Nieces and wives. They chant their voices high over the men’s. They brace even the winter solstices and harsh heat of summer. Who cares if they intermingle with men, when jubilation matters most? Some, their beautiful hijabs hang around their necks and shoulders, dancing. For our Asian Brothers, their women are in closed doors. “A woman must not go out and intermingle with other men”. So they are told. How about the black man’s woman you ferry from as far as Chikhwawa and Phalombe? Exposing her to every shame in the streets of the city? (Aren’t they subjected to the same laws?)

Oh, are you wondering? I am just expressing my opinion in this vast free world The Almighty created for us as its vicegerents. How far we have gone in that respect, (looking after all creatures), it is not for the interest of my point.

Wow, the budget is so bold; imagine the millions of Kwacha’s that are spent on that occasion? What if such huge amount of money was spent on improving the lives of the common poor? I mean, those Muslims that have never known even a cup of tea grown in Thyolo. Muslims who can not afford two meals per day? Those that are moving on bare backs not because they are perspiring as a result of cholesterol blocking their veins, but because they can not afford Kaunjika (second-hand clothes) at Khuzumba market. I say, what if the generosity was shown on transforming lives of the marginalized in our communities? The orphans, elderly, widows, the sick? With those millions, how many homes would have been made for orphans? How many huts would have been built for the gogo’s (grannies)? How many children would have gone to school and how many lives would those children have changed with their education in our communities? Okay, this may sound personal. Who cares if children die of malnutrition, don’t they have fathers…?

Well, if that is how you look at it, how about building a simple mosque in Chapananga, Nyezelera, Senzani, Maliwata, Kammwamba, Mjahito, Masuku, Malingunde? Or even improving the grass thatched mosques in the villages?

Muslims need madrasa in Kaporo, Luwinga, Edingeni, Kamwendo, Chatoloma, Kaluluma. Indeed, even landscaping and raising foundation for the much needed Islamic University, that money would have been worth enough and commendable. Oh! How grateful would the beneficiaries have been to them? Imagine how huge would have been their rewards? Rewards from the bounties of Allah, the Most High.

Unfortunately, we see things differently hence, Melaad is of much importance though it can not bring any human good. Such is life. Life where Fisabilillah is about showing off our financial power; Life where Fisabilillah is actually Fisabilee (Fisabil-self), meaning; for one’s (own) sake.

Wait a minute, of all the needs of Malawians, are the plastic buckets of water (Zibigiri) what matter the most?

By the way, the organisers of this event also observe the two Eids; Al Fitr and Al Adhuha.

QUESTION: Why not do the same publicity and show-off similar pomp during the two Eids? Is it lack of funds?…… Food for thought.

QUESTION: Who then funds Eid-un-Melaad Nabee or where do they get the funds? ……. Search me.

Now turning to those who share my views, those who see no sense in celebrating the Prophet’s birthday,why not buy the same pomp on Eid al Fitr if it really means something important as you claim? We hear how other countries celebrate Eid. You know, there is always a good leaf in what the other side with dissenting views does. Let us pluck it or possibly borrow it from them. Let me think…

Washing dirty linen in public? No, not at all, facts will always remain what they are. Ah! You mean I am crying over spilt milk? You are right, but a wrong is not to be supported, or would you? Our learned sheikhs and Muslim leadership have all watched this thing crow, walk and now…. running and flying up over our heads. Those who have cradled it know they are duty bound and responsible to nurture it. Who would dare kill it… yes we can not, but at least we can speak our mind. I am just showing my displeasure with what I feel will eventually degenerate into an act of disobedience to Allah.

Pardon me, I always choose to differ with the rest including sheikhs on issues that are to do with religious rituals and facts, where I feel that they have over-stepped the limit.

SOLUTION? Our books, Quran and sunnah plus schools of thought. Or have they ceased to be our torches?

Think of the Quran, it illuminates into the heart of every believer, it’s the guide, code of law, the word of Allah.

Hadith: The Prophet’s practical life, code of ethics and of course, his daily routine.

Caliphs: Entrusted with nobility, enlightening and directing us on religious practices.

Oh! How I love the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)!! The most wonderful human being ever lived on earth. He will always remain my icon and model…

Oh! How I wish the world lived his life…

Take it or leave it, it is my opinion.

By: Bashir Amin


  1. I hope you managed to read that beautiful full two paged special tribute to Meelad that was published in both the Nation Newspaper and the Daily Times Newspaper on that wonderful day! Quran and Hadeeth were quoted expansively to justify the celebrations!

    Well said brother, your opinion is very interesting.

    • Eeshhhhh! Achimwene, just the part u mentioned about us black Muslim women being ferried from every corner of the country nomatter how far and being encouraged to intermingle with men and exposing us to shame in the streets of the city has tilted my brain from its usual position to a HORRIBLE place within my head. BROTHER U HAVE HIT THE NAIL HARDEST. For all these years I had not observed that their wives don't take part in all this and they call it the best day in Islam. THIS IS TOTAL ABUSE OF US BLACK MUSLIM WOMEN BY THESE ASIAN MEN.

      I think we need to seriously civic educate black Muslim women to stop being used as pones by these rich Asians. Its high time we stop this rot. With or without food we need to stand our ground and make them stop dragging us into Hellfire. All this, for chibigiri chamadzi basi? In fact this whole Eid Melaad Nabee is NOTHING BUT A GAME OF RICH ASIANS SHOWING EACH OTHER WHO HAS MORE MONEY USING US THE HELPLESS AND POOR IGNORANT BLACK MUSLIM WOMEN.

      Next year when they hold this function of theirs, I want to see their wives marching with everyone else if indeed this is for the sake of our beloved Prophet (SAW). Oh! May Allah save us from this.

      I challenge the oganizers of this Melaad Nabee 'THING' to orgaize the same for Eidul-Fitr or Eidul-Adha, if they are truthful.

  2. HOW in the world can you say that about our beloved prophet muhammed(P.B.U.H) dont you feel shame….i know that its not written in the holy quran the we should celebrate his birthday….but it also doesnt tell us to shave off our mustache nor does it tell us to fold our trousers above our ankles when we pray namaaz so i ask WHY do you still do that??? And also give me a valid reason not to celebrate the prophets (P.B.U.H) birthday?!?!?!

    • Assalaamalaikum,

      Akhi did the Prophet salahualahie wasalaam, celebrate his birthday? did the sahabah? NO so then why do you celebrate it? do not say out of Love because if you love the Prophet salahu alaihe wasalaam, you would not engage in a practice in his name that he did not himself do. There are many Sunnah actions we do not follow yet people want to add another aspect onto the deen that is not part of it.

  3. Bro Zakir

    Islam is based on Quraan and Hadeeth. The Hadeeth tell us to clip our moustaches, fold our trousers etc. Can you give us a valid reason from quran or hadeeth to celebrate the birthday of The Holy PRophet SAW?

  4. This is great to hear brother Bashir, thanks to Malawi Muslim website and to brother Bashir, this act of celebrating the birth of our Prophet is getting bigger and bigger and we need to tell the Muslim community the truth about this. As a reader, I still get confused, I need your help whether from the writer of the article or anyone of you brothers.

    First of all, the title of the article was read "My Point Of View on Eid Melaad Nabee" so I was wondering whether what's been said in this article is according to the point of view of the author of the article, another quote "Back to the Melaad Parade, I am really not in support of this practice, because it’s, in my opinion, unauthentic." I say so because we are followers and we deserve to know the source of what we follow, besides this is ISLAM and is not based on opinions of individuals.

    Second of all, The Hadith that the author of the article "(Hadith) of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that cautions Muslims to beware of innovations." as quoted in the article, I have been following this hadith and I found out that its true hadith and was said by Our Prophet (SAW), but what I don't get is that what exactly is "INNOVATIONS"? as it is the author's proof.

    Well, about our black women, I hope its NOT another proof against Milad Nabee. I don't blame them on this, I don't know about you, but I do not have any idea why their women don't go o that parade. These guys send cars to pick up people they don't send enforcers to force our women to go. If there is someone to blame then its us Black Malawian Muslims. We are responsible for all this…

    The article changed from being about Eid Melaad Nabee to Begging. We had to talk about Eid Melaad Nabee not how they should have spent their money. Should we say we don't have Rich Black Malawian who can buy from Kaunjika for the needy? Guys zinazi kumaona kaye, kunena chilungamo amene amatsogolera Melad ndi amwenye, amweny achita zinthu zambiri and that we know, mizikiti ma madrasa zithandizo compared to black people, ndiye ngati Melaad mwayione kuipa, you should have just talked about melad basi.

    the other thing is that when we comment we have to aware of what we want to say.

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