National Dawah Association Asks for Support



    Sh. Ali Abdul. Chairman of Dawah Association
    Sh. Ali Abdul. Chairman of Dawah Association

    National Dawah Association of Malawi has asked Muslims in the country to support their activities in the quest to bring back more converts to Islam and sustain them. The Deputy Secretary General Makalani Kaunda made the call when he spoke to Malawi Muslims website in an interview.

    Kaunda lamented that the new returnees are going back to their religions because of lack of support after joining Islam.

    “Dawah activities are facing a lot of challenges in the country. We face financial problems to conduct dawah here in Malawi. The dawah department is not helping us in the activities that comparative Dawah association is conducting. We as comparative Dawah association we are trying our best to win more returnees to the religion of Islam, but we don’t get much support from other stakeholders.  It is due to this negligence that the returnees are then returning to their religions,” said Kaunda.

    The deputy Secretary further said that these people return due to tough times that they meet once they become Muslims.

    “So as Dawah Association we are calling upon Muslims in the country to come up with good means to maintain these returnees,” said Kaunda.

    Kaunda therefore applauded Al-Barakah Charity trust through Zomba Development Education Centre (ZODEC) for their support of the returnees. He has however asked ZODEC to involve the comparative Dawah sheikhs in their programmes to educate the returnees. He says that an only Islamic teaching at ZODEC is not enough to cement their faith. He therefore said that there is a need for comparative Dawah to underpin the teachings in the minds of the returnees. The sheikh also asked other stakeholders like Muslim Association of Malawi to come up with initiatives such as a loan facility that will help to sustain the returnees.