New Masjid to be Open in Ndirande, Malawi


    The grand opening of Malabada Mosque will take place on Sunday morning; October 24th 2010 in Ndirande, Blantyre-Malawi. The organizing secretary, Hassan Idi confirmed this to Malawi Muslim Official Website on Monday.

    “We would like to invite all Muslims to the grand opening of the newly built Malabada mosque, which is situated right at the foot of Ndirande Mountain (close to the old closed Malabada cemetery),” said the Organizing Secretary.

    Idi also asked well wishers to assist them financially as a lot of diginitaries are expected to attend.

    “In the same vein, we would also like to ask for your assistance as we will be hosting quite a good number of people, we have tried on our part and we failing in some areas.  We are not taking this for granted, and we ask Allah the almighty to reward and bless you in abundance for the gesture you have portrayed,” he said.

    Ndirande is one of the location where there are a lot of Muslims from different areas and if you want more information and enquires please you may contact Brother Zabula on    0999 405 001, brother Lyson on 0888 868 675.

    Stay tuned…….


    1. We wish all muslims of Ndilande Malabada well as they are gifted with a brand new Masjid (not Mosque)inshaallah.This should apply to all those who are at least well to do to assist those who have done their part(like mouldling bricks,gathering stones,sand and have enough place)May Allah reward those who care about the house of Allah.Ameen.

    2. Alhamudillahi for this great achievement.

      Could brother Tung'ande please explain the difference between a mosque and a masjid to enlighten me.

    3. Assalam Alaikum,

      It's a great task. Muslims lets build Masjids everywhere where Muslims are. do not let a group of Muslims suffer, not having a place to observe their prayers.

      Brothers and sisters, using the word Masjid is is better and more meaningful that Mosque.Research has found that the word 'mosque' is a derivative of many languages, although other people reported that the term 'mosque' is derived from the Spanish word for ‘mosquito’, and was termed as such because during the Crusades, King Ferdinand said they were going to go and swat the Muslims ‘like mosquitoes’. From my research, I have found that there are four possible origins for the word ‘mosque’ in the English language… the meaning of this term was intended to mean "Mosque" which is an Arabic word for Muslims place of worship…this term 'masjid' has a meaning as to regarding the place of worship. But, as Sister Ida has asked; 'what is the difference?" Check out the on coming article…


    4. May Allah reward those who contributed in one way or the other towards the construction of this mosque.this is a welcome development. infrastructure is very important to the development of our religion.Allah bless them all for this gesture

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