NIFA For Long Lasting Marriages In Malawi


    Nikah and other Islamic Functions Association is asking the youths in Malawi to set Islamic goals when getting married to make life lasting marriages and families, Malawi Muslim Official Website has learnt.

    Speaking at the meeting to elect two committees to organize the two nikahs of the Mdala and Chithenga families and Sh Yasin Katungwe and Rajab families, Brother Twaib Lawe said the association is dismayed to learn that some few nikahs the association organized broke before their first anniversary.

    Brother Lawe said it is very sad to hear that nikahs of the youths from reputable families that had high class wedding events broke resulting from the troubled bridegrooms.

    He advised the bridegrooms that source the partners from the non Islamic backgrounds to teach the brides Islam and groom them to be better wives that they would admire.

    Brother Lawe asked the youths to hold on islam and cultural values that will make their marriages a good place to be.

    He asked the youths to seek counseling from the sheikhs, association and elders when misunderstandings between the couples erupt.

    The nikahs will be officiated between 20th and 26th December this year.


    1. Marshal, the other reason might be these muslims of 2day likes soacial unlike muslims we know 30 years ago, and we only talk and talk for nothing. however the islamic activities used to go well when you are at school but when you get married and start work you become dormant in islamic activities

    2. My son Ali Mdala is getting married to Kaida Chinthenga on 26th December 2010 officiation shall be at Chigumula Newlands Mosque and reception shall be at COMESSA Hall the function is being organised by NIFFA. The Mdala family would like to commend NIFFA for their effort of organising and making sure that moslem youth follow islamic rules in whatever they are doing including Nikah.

      Our youth need to refrain from imitating the christians whenever they are conducting their Nikah fuctions.This has to start from us parents it is dissapointing to note that some parents who are practicing moslems mislead their children by saying that during Nikah functions the Islamic fanction would only be done at a mosque when doing officiation,saying that they are free to celebrate the wedding the way the christians do because Nikah has already been done at the mosque .such people are definetely lacking some islamic knowlegde, how are the onlookers going to differenciate that this is Islamic or christian wedding. Do you know that it is part of DAWA to make Nikah reception islamic. Come to COMESSA on 26th December you shall find that moslems and christians are celebrating together while listening to Douff and Nesheed. Everybody is invited all moslems should come in large numbers inshallah.

    3. Nifah does not organise the Nikkah's well. They force the youths to do what they want and steal other people's money. I am told they even fake the change and end up going home with K10,000 or even K20,000. They should allow us to do what we want to do on our Nikkah's. They claim to be good moslems when their children drink alcohol, smoke Indian Hemp yet they say we don't allow wedding cakes because there is alcohol in there when in actual fact there are cakes done by good muslims. Niffah organisers wake up stop stealing money from poor muslims and stop accusing others when they have done something better. We are all muslims and its only Allah who can judge you. Salaam Alaykum.

      • NIFA is a group of people which can not do the stealing but in other ways the stealing of money can be an individual practice of which if you know somebody in NIFA practising this do not hesitate please come forward and let us know who this person is so that he/ she should be brought to disciplinary committee. We as NIFA do not our body to be indulged in such dirty.

      • While everyone has to be respected for their opinion,your comment Sister Mariama deserves some response. From what you have written above, it is very clear that you have never attended nor know anybody who had their nikah organised by Nifa and that you got your "facts" from ignorant people who have malicious intentions against the group. It is interesting to note that over 80% of people who join Nifa every month come from friends and relatives of those whose Nikahs were organised by Nifa. There could have been no better vote of confidence than that!

        To specifically respond to your allegations, please note that: –

        1) At every Nikah, a float of cash in smaller denominations is brought to the hall to ease change. It is not part of pelekani pelekani. If that float is brought by relatives, it is taken by the owner, if it was brought by a Nifa member, he/she takes it back. This happens in almost every wedding or nikah where someone volunteers to bring a large amount of cash to the hall. Therefore, to claim that Nifa fakes change is not only an insult but an element of defamation, which cannot be taken lightly.

        2)I am myself a confectioner who has supplied halaal cakes to nikahs organised by Nifa. Nifa has never in its history rejected cakes, but has in fact encouraged people to source halaal cakes.

        3)It comes as a surprise that a Muslim can have courage to make serious allegations and slander fellow muslims in public like this without any iota of evidence. Naudhubillah. Nifa members does set a living example and has organised numerous nikahs for their members' children. There's apparently to single report of immorality reported from them all.

        4)Nifa members are distinguished members of the society and most of them hold high profile jobs in both public and private companies. The organisation is a legally instituted body. They cannot stoop so low to "steal" poor people's money when they can easily be traced and tarnish their image. It is also their standard policy NEVER to comment on other people's affairs and have no forum to "accuse others" of anything.

        People say that the taste of the pudding is in the eating, and that seeing is believing, if you stay in Blantyre, Nifa challenges you to go to Limbe Cathedral Hall on Saturday 18/12/2010 and Comesa Hall on 26/12/2010 and watch Nifa nikahs.

        You could be referring to some other people who were mistakenly branded as Nifa but never the Nifa referred to in the article.

    4. The most imortant thing is the NIKAH itself. About the reception is according to the fairwell of the people. Ngaikandapasyaga indu.Okwe!

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