NIFA Hits Back At Its Critics

    Kunje: We don’t embezzle money

    Nikah and other Islamic Functions Association (NIFA) on Sunday took advantage of Eid-ul-Fitr prayers conducted at Chichiri Upper Stadium to respond allegations that the association has now become a business entity.

    Some Muslims in the country have been accusing the association of demanding money ranging from MK10, 000 to MK20, 000 at the end of each wedding it organises and that it disapproves wedding cakes.

    “Nifah does not organise the Nikahs well. They force the youths to do what they want and steal other people’s money. I am told they even fake the change and end up going home with K10, 000 or even K20, 000. They should allow us to do what we want to do on our Nikahs. They say we don’t allow wedding cakes because there is alcohol in there when in actual fact there are cakes done by good Muslims,” said one Muslim through his/her comment posted on this website.

    Since NIFA was formed eight years ago, rumours of soliciting money from people who want the organisation to organise their Nikah are still looming.

     NIFA President Aman Kunje has however brushed aside the allegations and challenged people who are speculating to come forward to prove their claims.

    “We are shocked by what our fellow Muslims are speculating that we demand money for every Nikah we organise. NIFA is not a profit-making organisation that can be going around swindling people’s money. These people just want to damage our reputation.

    Nevertheless, this website understands that NIFA demands 2.5% of the total budget of any wedding they organise.

    The percentage is taken regardless of the budget.

    Kunje said the money ‘is meant for stationery, airtime and other things during wedding meetings and both parties approve it’.

    Reports indicate that of late Muslims are shunning the association in organising their weddings.


    1. Its true, they are a money making organization. They are organized in such a way that you are forced to use their bridal party, give orders to their friends for cakes and even the ladies in waiting are all their members. They are crooks. Kunje should behave like a real Muslim leader and learn to accept some of these things. He is also part of the scam. Thats why he has been sitting on that seat for all these years. You think he is doingt tis for nothing. Never. Worsestill is their MC Kazembe, these two Kazembe's are the worst crooks in this organization. Can't ellaborate more, but if Kunje keeps taking us for fools we will embarrass him by showing the whole Muslim community evidence on how they steal from the public, Muslims at large.

    2. koma mumadziwa kuti kuchita organise ukwati is not a joke? even kupita ku meeting ya ukwati,is not all that easy. umasiya kuonera zithu zosangalatsa zambiri chifukwa cha meeting. frankly to me 2.5% is nothing as long as i have the result. infact if it was a business entity, bwenzi akutenga zambiri kwabasi. koma ito ndita fanta, transport kwa ena amene alibe. koma ngati mumafuna NIFA izikupangirani za mahala, then i think u can move around and you wont get an organization which organizes a Nikah pa standard yanu for free. ukakhala mchitidwe wa anthu ena amene mukuwatchulawa, why cant you advise NIFA to deal with them accordingly. But even with that problem, let's not put off the energy that has changed people's perception of Nikah. previously, people had negative attitude towards ukwati wa ndowa coz they thought they cant enjoy the set up, but NIFA proved a lot of you including me wrong. some Sharia standards have been practised when these guys formed the organization. the perfection is only with Allah. tiyeni tidzipititsana patsogolo rather than kubwenzana m'mbuyo asilamu anzanga.

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