NIFA Shocked With Money-demanding Allegations


    Nikah and other Islamic Functions association on Tuesday refuted the allegations that the organization is involved in malpractice where it demands money at the end of each wedding it organize.

    People have been criticizing the organization saying it demands money ranging from MK10,000 to MK20,000 at the end of each wedding it organise and that it disapproves wedding cakes, things which have shocked the organisation.

    “Nifah does not organise the Nikkah’s well.  They force the youths to do what they want and steal other people’s money.  I am told they even fake the change and end up going home with K10,000 or even K20,000.  They should allow us to do what we want to do on our Nikkah’s.  They claim to be good moslems when their children drink alcohol, smoke Indian Hemp yet they say we don’t allow wedding cakes because there is alcohol in there when in actual fact there are cakes done by good muslims.  Niffah organisers wake up stop stealing money from poor muslims and stop accusing others when they have done something better.  We are all muslims and its only Allah who can judge you,” reads one comment from one worried Muslim woman.

    However NIFA has described the allegations as not true and challenged the people who are speculating to come forward.

    “We at NIFA have leant with a shock with what other fellow Muslims are speculating that we demand money and don’t allow wedding cakes for every Nikah we organise. This is a total lie and they just want to paint a bad picture of our organization,” Issah Kazembe, organisation’s publicity secretary told Malawi Muslim Official Website.

    “What they have to know is that we at NIFA we do things explicitly as the organization is being run by well reputable dignitaries, some work in public and in private sectors. If they are talking about the 2.5% we ask, then they have wrong assumptions as that one is used for stationery, Airtime and other things during wedding meetings and it is approved by both parties,” he said.

    “We also keep some money which we put there before the main ceremony for change as we need people to make change freely without disturbing the time of pelekanipelekani and it is that money we take back at the end,” he clarified.

    The publicity secretary also was quick to say he could not fully deny the allegations saying:

    “It can really happen that there are some people who are indulging in that misconduct for their own capacity but not NIFA as organization. However, we ask the public to report to us if they find someone involved in this trend by dialling  +2651985837,” he said.

    NIFA is a non-profit Islamic organisation which was formed in 2004 by Muslim brothers and sisters from all corners of Malawi and it organises Muslim weddings as one part of its activities.


    1. firsly is regretable if this is truely happening.secondly, the sister/mother concerned, was supposed to reoport these activities to the organisation's representatives before taking to the media.I believe it was going to make sense if the person concerned reported first. if there were no satisfactory response then she would have gone to the media. thus the best way of handling things. otherwise, we will not know exactly what transpired behind the scenes as the case was not handled properly.Islamically again, is wrong to go behind sisters/brothers backs.I believe this would have been handled by the brothers and sisters at NIFA.we can only pray to Allah to give us more wisdom whenever we are faced with problems and temptations.

    2. Your concern is constructive brother .Commenting should always accompany self restrain and conscious while considering sensitivity of the matter beeing commented.This allegation is not worthy on this page because it lacks facts anyway.However, the allegation could have been reported to NIFA for their immediate action unlike posting it for debate.Let us learn how to appricite the little good some people are doing for the good of islam.May Allah forgive us all.

    3. I concur with both brothers above, if this is really what NIFA is doing then am sorry to say that they have lost right direction, and that by doing so they should know that they are sending bad signals to the youth who thought at one time that the establishment of their organization (NIFA) the main aim behind was to help them organize their Nikah in a fashionable way and not to gain profits from them. But if all these accusations are not true then it’s a big mistake ever because it will just help to create more divisions to the already divide Ummah and this is unfortunate. I would like also to give this piece of advice to a sister who brought this story, when such kind of things happens media should not be the first priority to solve the differences among the members of the same family (Islam). Where are we from the teachings of the holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that encourages dialogue among the Ummah.

    4. Much as we need to blem the party that brought this NIFA money issue. Give her 100% NIFA lessons. Because she found this platform as the only platform she could learn from. Here among many NIFA members: NIFA: 1. Does not ask any money in exchange as profit. It only requests air time for communication and if need be transport. 2. It has organised many Nikahs as well without asking any thing from the families that had expressed inability at the beggining, instead they use the organisation's resources. 3. With respect NIFA is a registered Islamic NGO is not private personal family that you can attack families. I know you know siira of the Prophet (SAW) with his relationship with Abou Jahar. Could you leave Islam as such? NIFA will organise yours to teach you how pure it is.

      • this is true that NIFA's main objectives are to encourage the youth to celebrate in islamic style than celebrating half half which simply means you officiate islamically and when it comes to reception you change to the copying style of not being islamic.normally NIFA members dedicate themselves by organising nikahs travelling long distances with their own money for transport. like this how can someone say NIFA demands money. as to what Bro Sande has said please when you want to engage come to NIFA and let them organise your nikah so that you see it yourself if NIFA will steal your money.

    5. The allegations levelled against NIFA on this web are baseless. NIFA has various committees, that include Disciplinary Committee responsible for solving malpractices committed by its members. NIFA would be glad to get names of the members that were involved in the malpractice so that serious disciplinary action can be taken against them notwithstanding their seniority in the organization. If the allegations are just a mere deliberate attempt to damage NIFA's good reputation then it is very unfortunate. Besides the Publicity Secretary's phone number that was given, the complainants may wish to call the President on 0888837348 or the Vise President on 0999927830 who will be willing to provide any needed assistance. Let us together build the name of ISLAM and not destroy it. We need various Muslim groupings to promote the success of ISLAM in Malawi.

    6. Many thanks to all members who have made the diabolic allegations against Nikah reception activities be rested. NIFA shall ever remain your partner in and outside the country.

    7. I think this is should be a wake up call for NIFA. They should conduct the research and find out if this is true because this sister can not just NIFA to paint a bad picture and you can see how she played with the figures-it shows that she knows something which needs agent action. And it can happen that she used this channel because it was easier for her.

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