Fasting Kicks off on Saturday- National Ruyatul Hilaal

    Sheikh Chabulika

    Malawi’s National Ruyatul Hilaal has confirmed that there is no fasting tomorrow.  Spokesperson for the organisation, Sheikh Dinaar Chabulika said this is so because the  moon has not been sighted.

    He says had the moon been spotted today, the Muslim community would have started fasting tomorrow.

     “I actually, we haven’t received any reports about the sighting of the moon today. So, we want to tell Malawians that  fasting will kick off on Saturday inshallah. This means that we will need to complete 30 days of the month of Shabaan,” he said.


    1. I think we need to move on with technology. I saw the moon on friday and it was obvious that it was not a new moon. Abale why do we keep goofing every year when we know that there is one world and one moon? I like the last sentence, tizabweze tsiku tinapanga miss, osati tionamizane kuti zonse zili bwino. Choncho kumangokhalila ku panga miss lailatul kadir chaka ndi chaka chifukwa choopa kumanga on 1st Ramadhan!!

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