On poor sanitation in our cities



If you walk around in our cities you will notice that it is not strange to find pipes and septic tanks that are broken throwing wastes into rivers and streams that are within our cities.

The good example is that of a broken pipe carrying wastes in Mzuzu that ended up in contaminating the wastes into a pipe that carries water for domestic purposes.


Both the public and those in authority like the city council officials have to work hand in hand to ensure that these problems are rectified in time before things get worse.

Sadly, when such kind of this problem occurs there are people who work in organizations that specifically deal with those problems but they turn a blind eye and continue ignoring them on a business as usual basis.

This also paints a bad picture for us a country to the people who visit us. How can we market ourselves as a tourism destination if we do not keep our cities clean?

Urgent action need to be taken because they are people who also do their business in town and they use water from the streams and rivers that are contaminated with wastes from the broken pipes and septic tanks a thing that poses a threat to their health.

If more people are sick government will spend more money in buying drugs for them and no any meaningful development can take place hence the need for all concerned stakeholders be it the public, the Non Governmental Organizations and government to take it as everyone’s responsibility for the betterment of our cities.

It is sad that Muslims who claim to be champions of cleanliness are also guilty of this malpractice. Go around the townships and you cannot differentiate between a Muslim and a non-Muslim home. You will be surprised to find garbage damped around a Muslim’s home with no initiative whatsoever to  remove it and become exemplary in the community.

In the market places, you will find Muslim vendors dumping waste everywhere like there is no tomorrow. Isn’t cleanliness only for prayers? No.

Whatever good deed that a Muslim does is in itself an act of prayer and will be rewarded accordingly. Just like punishment shall be meted to whoever does acts of sin at any time during the day.

We have Muslims who poured their resources to support security initiatives in the cities, why can’t we do the same and support the ‘Keep the City Clean’ campaigns as well?

Let Muslims lead by example and demonstrate that sanitation is equally important to Muslims and not just bodily cleanliness.