Opinion: Is DPP on the Verge of Collapse?

Former President Peter Mutharika's DPP needs Court to nullify 2020 fresh presidential polls.

The firing of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General ,Glezelder Jeffrey and resigning of the party’s Director of Elections Ben Phiri expound how the former ruling party is on the verge of collapse.

Post elections reactions in any political party tell the future of the party. It is the right time for the DPP to prepare for the future but unnecessary actions as it is at the moment are likely to dismantle the party. The boat is sinking.

According to reports, Jeffrey was fired by the former President Peter Mutharika for asking a quick convention that can help the party regain popularity. Yes, Jeffrey was not wrong because failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

This the right time for the party to bring in new blood especially electing the leader of the party. Mutharika who is over 80 years of age can no longer lead the party and keeping him at the helm has no any value.

If I was Mutharika, I would accept that I did my party and leave the ball to others. I would have accepted that I had some achievements and failures. I think Jeffrey’s take had more positives on building the party than the negatives.

Ben Phiri has resigned saying one of the reasons that forced him to make the decision was losing the elections. Yes, his conscience told him to take the direction but I think the time is improper for Phiri to quit the position. His resignation may sound immature and his loyalty to the party may be questioned because it was not guaranteed that DPP was supposed to win the 23rd June, 2020 elections.

In elections, it is a must for one side to win and thinking that you are the only one capable to win may sound immature. Ben Phiri was supposed to learn from the election and plan for the future. DPP needs him most at the moment than ever.

Finally, let me advise DPP that keeping Mutharika at the helm of the party has no any significance. The law professor did his party and he must be replaced immediately. DPP officials must not quit the party or their positions at the moment. They must regroup themselves and prepare for the future.

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