Opposition Leaders Stripped off APM’s Victory- Atupele Muluzi


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) Alliance running-mate for the forthcoming fresh presidential election, Atupele Muluzi says President Peter Mutharika will win the elections with a landslide.

Speaking during political rallies in Rumphi district, Muluzi said last year Mutharika won the presidential seat but opposition leaders ganged up to strip off his fair and credible victory.

“I want to tell you that President Peter Mutharika will win with a landslide. He will get more votes in all regions because Malawians love peace. Malawians need development,”

“Opposition leaders took away President Mutharika’s victory. The president won last year’s presidential elections but opposition leaders failed to accept the defeat,” Muluzi said.

He told people in the district to vote for DPP-UDF Alliance not Tonse Alliance which has nine political parties including Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM party.

“Many people here in the northern region went abroad because MCP was a cruel party. Vote for DPP-UDF Alliance for continued progress of the country,” he said.

Muluzi also challenged opposition leaders who are threatening him that he is not a coward.

“We are all Malawians and I am not afraid of those who are threatening me. They cannot stop me from telling Malawians the truth. Demonstrations in which opposition political leaders were taking part for the past 12 months derailed the country’s development. Malawians need development,” he said.

Muluzi is expected to visit various districts in northern region campaigning for Mutharika ahead of fresh presidential polls this month after nullification of last year’s presidential polls by the High Court sitting as Constitutional Court.