Over 90 people Have Embraced Islam in Chikhwawa District, Donates over 9 Hectares of Land

    Some of the Converts enjoying sermon delivered by Sheikh Ahmed Chienda

    Chikhawa, Malawi: You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one, so goes the old adage by Henry David Thoreau. The saying came alive in Ndakwela village, Sub T/A Ndakwela in Chikhwawa district where people witnessed over 90 conversions to Islam over the last 14 days due to the good characters of some Muslims in the area.

    According to the one of the converts, group village headman Ndakwela told Malawi Muslim Official Website that he embraced Islam because he was pleased with the love and passion which Muslims are showing to their friends in the area regardless of their faith status.

    “I am very happy to be a Muslim now because in the previous we have been misled by these unknown churches. And what has really made me to become a Muslim is because of the behavior of some Muslims here in my Village. They are very loving and passionate indeed, that is why I decided to join them so that I should be one of the pious,” he said.

    Group village headman Chapemba also did not hold his words but to express his excitement by coming back to the faith he had lost and appealed to all those who have not yet embraced Islam to do so saying “Islam is only true Religion of God.”

    “I am now free because I am a Muslim. I have been looking for a true religion of God and only to realize that it is Islam. And I am promising that as Chief, I will play my role towards the spread of this Deen wherever I go,” he said.

    The converts have built a temporary fetched grass Masjid and also donated over 8 hectares of land which is to be used by all interested Islamic organizations in construction of Islamic Centre, according to Sheikh Basheer Hassan Goba who has also played a major role towards the uplifting of Islam in the area.

    “As you can see here these chiefs has given us this huge land crossing to 10 hectares which can be used to construct a good Masjid, Islamic Schools, etc. We have burned Bricks and what it remains is the job to be started. So, I am appealing all interested parties to come and assist this Ummah whether materially or spiritually” said brother Goba, the owner of Surgical Laboratory.

    Sheikh Ahmed Chienda, Limbe Islamic Information Bureau Coordinator who visited the area, also said he was impressed with development saying it just shows that people are now able differentiate what is true and not.
    “This is a welcome development and I am really happy to see this happening in this area because it is one of the areas which have been neglected by other Islamic organizations. And the first convert being Chief, I am really impressed,” said Chienda

    Chienda also asked other Muslims in Malawi and around the world to treat their neighbours with good kind because it is one of the measures Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) used to spread Islam in other countries.

    “My appeal to all Muslims in the Country and all over the world is that let us treat our neighbours with love and passion despite them being Christians or Jews,”  said the coordinator while giving an example of other countries like Indonesia where Islam was spread by the good behavior of some Muslims who were there in those times.


    1. True we need to treat our neighbours with love and passion. As muslims we need to be excemplary with our behavior when interacting with any society in so doing the outcome will be the non muslims will have passion with our religion because they will be able to appreciate and see the difference between our religion and the other religion. May those Brothers and sisters who did the commendable job and achievement of converting all those people get abundant blessings from Allah subuhana Watala

    2. Mashaallah. Dawah can be inform of good behavior including charity.My plea to muslim community is to make sure these converts are supported spiritually as well as materially.May Allah guide those who are still non muslims.Ameen.

    3. This is great achievement. But my worry is that sometimes we convert people to Islam and later abandon them. We need to provide them with back up services, both materially and spiritually. Without such services it will be easy for them to revert to their original practices. Some of the pictures show that these people are in abject poverty, they need immediate material assistance and perpetual spiritual motivation. Intensive DAWA programs should be redirected to them until their imaan reaches sustainable levels. I guess the figure of 90 includes their wives and children. This year's Qurban should reach them. The vast land offered for development of Masjid and Islamic school should be quickly utilized. Wishing them Jannatu Firdaus.

    4. Quran 14:4…Now Allah leaves straying those whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases and He is Exalted in Power, full of Wisdom.

    5. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, because it is a complete way of life. It tells man about the purpose of his creation and existence, his ultimate destiny, his place among other creatures and more importantly, it provides him with guidance to lead a balanced and purposeful life which will enable him to avoid the Hell-fire and be rewarded with a place in Paradise in the life after death. Simply Islam is to "Obey Allah".

      I pray that Allah should sustain the spiritual lives of these families and may He grant them their needs through those whom He has blessed them with wealth

    6. It is indeed a great achievement especially to those who played a part in the revert of these people. I have deliberately used the term revert because everyone is born a muslim(i.e. someone who submits to the will of Allah) but his/her parents change him/her to whatever religion they find themselves in.

      It is indeed the duty of every muslim to spread this deen.The prophet (saw) said,"the best amongst of u are those who learn the Qur'an and teach others.therefore, we have spread the message of Islam to as many people as we can and our behaviour should be that one which can act as a model to others because we are the best ummah.May Allah strengthen the hearts of our new members and grant them peace.

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