Petroda Owner Nahdi Dies in Dubai


    Malawi’s oil business magnet, Muhammad Nahdi passed away early this morning during a business trip to Dubai, Malawi Muslims Website has confirmed.


    Nahdi, who was until his death the Managing Director of Petroda Malawi Limited, fell ill whilst on the business trip where he was reportedly diagnosed with malaria, a disease that is non-existent in the UAE.

    He is also known have been suffering from diabetes.

    Nahdi will be remembered within the Muslim community for his excessive generosity. His company Petroda formed a partnership with Al-Barakah Charity Trust to build and manage schools to benefit needy Muslims in the country.

    For more information about Al-Barakah Charity Trust’s projects in Malawi go to the Organisation’s link above.

    May his soul rest in ultimate peace.


    1. Innalillah wa inna ilih rajiuna.We lost a great man.May Allah reward him Jannat.May Allah for give all his sins.May Allah look after his families.May Allah give him the books of his deeds in the right hand on the day of reckoning.Ameen.

    2. Inna Lilllah wainna lhai rhjiuna. May Allah grant him jannat ferdous Insha-Allah. Malawi muslims have greatley lost. Lets unity and ask Allah to give us his replacement Insha-Allah. May Allah look after his family Insha-Allah

    3. innalilahi waina ilehi rajiuun,muslims across the globe has lost a great man!in his life he was a man who really new and followed a kalimatu LA ILAHA ILALLAH MUHAMAD RASULULLAH.he has put his hasanat infront of him and now INSHAALLAH he will be rewarded for all his excellent deeds.AMIN

    4. I feel vry sad indeed bcoz i am one of the benifactors since Iwork with his company.Oh Allah grant him Jannat Firdous AMEENNN!! Innah Lillah Wa Inna Eelyih Rajo oonah.

    5. inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi rajiuun…i am his son. a father like no other…he was kind hearted, unselfish, incredibly smart and much more…his death has touchd many of peoples hearts. i will do my best to continue his work and also improve it inshalah may allah grant u janna ameen…i love u always and forever

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