Radio Islam Celebrate its 10th Anniversary

    Some of the dignitaries who attended the event

    It came and went. Held at Hotel Victoria in Blantyre, Radio Islam’s 10th anniversary celebration not only brought people from Malawi but also saw the presence of the Mufti Ishmael Menk, one of the renowned Muslim scholars.

    It was like a dream had come true that Radio Islam has clocked 10 years while uplifting the spiritual lives of Muslims in the country.

    The celebration included speeches by key speakers, poems and presentation of gifts to Radio Islam staff.

    Ahmed Pilo and Ishmael Katawala also spiced up the event with their beautiful nasheeds.

    Speaking at the function, Director of Radio Islam Muhammad Osman said among other objectives, the station seeks to help spread Islam in Malawi and provide a forum for teaching and learning Islam, which will bring in a desirable public awareness of Islamic values.

    He said during ten years, the station has achieved a lot. The station now broadcast it’s programmes through frequency modulation (FM) band located in Mpingwe, Mangochi, Dedza, Zomba, Namwera, Dowa, Lilongwe, Karonga, Mzuzu and the Lower Shire transmission cites.

    The Director also said the station has fostered the country’s economy, education and enhanced unity among Malawians despite their regional or religious backgrounds.

    Ahmed Pilo and Katawala spicing up the event

    However, one of the MAM executive members, Brother Twaibu Lawe has congratulated the Radio and its staff and urged them to improve some of their programmes if they are to continue winning the hearts of many Muslims in the country.

    “Arrogant words like Muslim militants, Islamic fundamentalists, Muslim terrorists, etc should be removed from the radio’s vocabulary. These words are very dangerous and damaging to the Islamic faith. Let other radios use them but not Radio Islam. Editors should tirelessly check and remove any elements of anti Islam propaganda coming from the West through electronic media.

    “If they tolerate such heinous words in their vocabulary, then the name Radio Islam must be changed to anything else befitting accommodating such atrocious words and many more,” he told Malawi Muslims Official Website by email when asked what the celebration mean to him as a listener.

    Brother Hassan Mkata also had this today:

    “Radio Islam needs to have an identity of its own, which apparently, I have not seen. If I switch to ZBS, MIJ, Capital Radio, Power 101, Radio 1 & 2 of MBC, Radio Maria, TRW, etc, I am immediately greeted to their respective identities.

    While some of its presenters may want to speak English, theirs is enviable. I would propose the radio station poaches good English speakers

    “You have programmers that have English names but the contents end up in Chichewa, e.g. Contemporary Issues, why should this programme maintain this name when 98% of its contents are in Chichewa?  Again you have The Boiling Pot?

    RAIS broadcasts to mostly rural people whose literacy level is low. I would have loved if your programmers targeted the Chichewa speaking listeners.  It becomes irritating listening to a presenter in a programme presented in English but presented by poorly spoken English.

    “I have observed that some Radio Islam presenters want to be radio DJs. I note that there is a lot of play-broadcasting when in actual fact Radio Islam should have been presenting serious broadcasting,” he said.

    To Mrs Abilu Mussah from Chilipa Mangochi, for her is all excitement.

    “I like listening to Radio Islam because of their wonderful and educative programmes, in particular Tawheed. Tawheed has lifted my soul. I am now able to know how I can live with my friends and all family. They have opened our eyes…and eish…I don’t know what I can say. May Allah bless Radio Islam staff. They are doing a wonderful job. Happy 10th anniversary,” she said.

    Said Chibwana from Ndirande also did not hold his words but to thank Islamic Zakaat Fund for coming up with the Radio which he says it has changed a lot his spiritual life.

    “Radio Islam stands for its motto, `Education for the Nation. It really educates, entertain and inform us through its powerful programmes. There a lot of programmes that have helped me, Tipange Dawah is one of them. And I was worried when I heard that this programme has been suspended,” he said.

    Chibwana however, asked the Radio to recruit well-qualified staff. He said the presenters should be fluent in English in order to add colour and taste to their programmes.

    “I also ask Radio Islam to reduce Yao programmes. This is the reason why people associate Islam with Yao because most of the programmes and nasheeds aired at the Radio station are in Yao language,” said Chibwana.

    Radio Islam Malawi station airs its programs in Chichewa, Yao, English, Tumbuka and other few programmes in Urdu.

    According to one of the organising committee members, Ishmael Kazembe said other celebration activities would be held at district level.