Radio Islam Makes Strides on Religious Programmes – MACRA Report

    Yusuf Chinyada (Left): Well done
    Yusuf Chinyada (Left): Well done

    Radio Islam Malawi has tremendously improved on its religious programs, according to a quarterly assessment by Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority MACRA.

    The assessment indicates the only Islamic Radio station in Malawi leapfrogging from 25 in the last quarter to 45 percent.

    Meanwhile, the station’s head of programmes Yusuf Chinyada says the report is not surprising saying the station has indeed carried out more religious programmes in the past three months.    

    The report also shows Radio Islam as the only radio station that has surpassed all radio station stations in Malawi in terms of frequency availability –  scoring 98 percent seconded by Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Radio 1 and 2 with 97.6 percent.

    One of the listeners from Blantyre Yunusu Mdala says he is very happy with the way Radio Islam has been conducting its programmes but advised them to do more.

    “I now always tune in to Radio Islam unlike before. They have really made a tremendous improvement in their programmes. Their programmes are not repeated as often as they used to be. So, big up to the Radio Islam management,” said Mdala.


    1. Congrats to the staffs, management and all stakeholders who have contributed to this success, not forgeting head of programmes Yussuf Chinyada

    2. Radio Islam is our mouth piece ,As a communication organ lets help it to have all the arsenals to make it grow and be the best religious radio station of the land.However Board of Trustees MUST' and MUST buy a vehicle for the staff.You can not understand that such dedicate staff walk to and fro to get news and info,Pathetic PLS .A car is a must the bwanas who Bank roll this wonderful station.We pray that this must happen in the immediate futurev Inshallah.

    3. Radio Islam must however Radio Islam must improve on human resource we have a lot of young muslim men and women who are well qualified i.e with Degrees and Diplomas in mass communication and journalism who if given a chance to work there can produce a lot of wonders.It is shocking to hear announcer failing to pronounce even an islamic name let alone telling the time on the clock and reading news properly.let us avoid cheap labour.Let there be no compromise on quality.

    4. Ndikuti: Zinazo ndizovuta kuti nafenso amene tili mu Diaspora tiikepo ‘Comment’ yathu nanga si amati: “AL HAADHIRU YARAA MAA LAA YARAA AL GHAA IBU.” which means: ‘ The one who present at the scenery can see more than the one in absentia.’

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