Radio Islam Taken to Task for Allegedly Encouraging Muslims to Shun Away from Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Celebrations

This is how it was: People scrambling for food at the event

Angry mob plans to punch Radio Islam reporters 

Organisers of the 2012 Mawlid-Nabi celebrations which took place on Sunday say they were angry at Radio Islam on the program aired on the eve of the celebrations where it is alleged that the hosts attacked the organisers for encouraging bidah (innovation) activities.

According to the committee’s Publicity Secretary, Muhammad Nathanie, the organisers were shocked with remarks that one of the hosts made on Saturday when he told Muslims not to attend the function because if they do, their dwelling place would be in Jahanam (Hell).

“We received reports that some people were on Radio Islam lobbying Muslims to shun away from Prophet’ Muhammad’s (saw) birthday. According to the information we have, the hosts claimed that everyone who would take part in the celebration, will go to Hell, which is not good because people do this for the love of their Prophet and not anybody else. So, we were indeed very saddened to hear such accusation from the radio which would have been in the forefront of encouraging unity and tolerance among Muslims in the country,” said Nathanie.

According to other reports, angry mobs planned to punch any reporter from Radio Islam because of the incident.

One reporter who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed of the development.

“Indeed, some few minutes after our arrival, somebody told us that we should be careful because there are other people who have planned to confront us. But this did not stop us from doing our work. We even met the organisers and discussed with them about the issue where we told them that it (the allegations) were not true.” he said. “We asked them how many times they have been conducting their activities ….and how can Radio Islam (just decide to) betray them this year?”

The spokesman further revealed that this year event registered a record attendance of faithfuls.

“Despite (Radio Islam) asking people not to come, still people came in large numbers. We had a record of 131, 000, a (very) big turnout ever,” said Nathanie.

Last year, the event attracted about 100,000 people, according to the spokesperson.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that this year’s celebration has claimed 9 lives, and many other people injured and against one fatality that was recorded during the 2011 celebrations. The increase in the deaths this year was because of a brick wall fence at the women’s section that collapsed when people were forcing there way out of the exit gate.

Meanwhile, the organising committee has demanded an apology from the officials of Radio Islam for featuring the hate program, which according to them it can divide Muslims in the country.

“When we asked them to hear their side of the story, they said it is not true. They claim that if it is true, then it could be from the listeners, not the hosts. However, according to our confirmed reports, the hosts really made those accusations,” said the publicity secretary.

One of the hosts, Sheikh Mulosola confirmed to Malawi Muslims Website to have made the sentiments but said he has no regrets.

“Firstly, I don’t know about the (call to for an) apology. However, what I know is that we were enlightening people about Prophet Muhammad (saw) and how they can show their love to him. And, some callers asked us to comment on the Ziyara Parade and we told them the truth. We said the celebration has no any base in Shariah – it is bidah (innovation). So, I don’t have any regret on what I said because it is true,” said Sheikh Musolola.

The program, Thumba la Kasakaniza comes every Saturday where the hosts discuss different issues that affect Muslims. During the last program, the hosts were talking about Prophet Muhammad (saw) under the topic, Kumudziwa Mtumiki (Knowing the Prophet).

However, in her remarks, Radio Islam’s Administrator says the radio has not received any formal communication from the organisers regarding the matter.

“We are just hearing it from other people outside but no any written or verbal communication has come to us. So, we cannot comment much on the development,” said Fatima Jafar.

Mawlid falls on the 12th day of the month of Rabii Al-Awwal in the Islamic calendar.

Last year, the event was celebrated on February 15, 2011 since the Islamic calendar follows the lunar cycle the date of the day celebration changes annually in the Gregorian or Western calendar.

Celebrating the Prophet Mohammad’s birthday has been controversial with some Muslim scholars calling it a Bidah (innovation).

Some scholars argue that neither did the Prophet nor did he encourage his followers to celebrate his birthday. Salafists and others in the Sunni community also denounce the celebration of the holiday, as they consider it heretical.

However, the performers claim that there are two innovations in Islam, good and bad and the celebration falls under the good innovation.

According to Nathanie, the event brings no any harm to the religion as it is just one way of showing love to the Prophet.

“In this month, a lot of things happened. The migration of the Prophet from Makah to Madina. His daughter Asma was born in this month, 6 years before the prophecy. Abubakri Sadik was also chosen as a Khalifa in this month. Battle of Buwaat also fought in the same month. So there are a lot worthy celebrating apart from his birthday,” he said.

The celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (saw) began in Egypt in the 11th century, and featured rituals that included animal sacrifices, torchlight processions, and public sermons.

The practice was later adopted in Syria, and gradually spread throughout a number of Muslim countries.

However, in spite of the differing perspectives regarding the appropriateness of commemorating the holiday, many Muslims in Malawi still celebrate by organizing special sermons to honour the Prophet’s birth. Some decorate their houses and their cars.

Reporting by Marshall Dyton in Blantyre


  1. Lets wake up people, ndikale anayamba kutipanga mislead, if it was not "bida" then why did they became angly? Its a shame…

  2. Bismillahi ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem.

    First of all, I want to categorically state clearly that I am not an 'aalim by any stretch of imagination but I do alot of research through reading and watching videos lectures at times through Sheikh google on the internet and anywhere where Islamic information can be found. Secondly I want to also state clearly that I personally was brought up as a Kaafir but alhamdulillah, I reverted to Islam a decade ago. Coming from christianity,it was fashionable even for me to fall prey to something being called religious celebration even though there is NO DALIL (proof or basis) supporting such a thing in the HOLY writing, when we read the bible some of US, we said to ourselves, why should I sell my intellect and follow the design of any banii Adam? Laa yaa Ikhwaan. Our Holy book , the Qur'aan clearly asks the Naswaara and the Yahud and in a way the question is extended to the muslim "Haatuu burhaanakum inkuntum swaadiqeen"-(bring the proof if you are telling the truth'. Are we Muslims dumb to this challenge from our book? When I came to Islaam, I met and asked people who seemed to have knowledge of the DEEN, those who were for, and those who were against the celebration of the Mawlid of our Habib, Mustafa al-Amin Muhammad (SAW), Wallahi, anyone with a single strand of intellect, which a ni'amah from Allah ta'alaa, can conclude the celebrating Mawlid is nonsense and a practice for the ZINNDIQ (heretics of this pure deen), I have no intentions of hurting anyone at the back of my head,Laa! But the Haqq is the Haqq! yaa Ummah.What was the practice of the prophet on his day of birth (monday or thursday)? FASTING, and you the MAWLIDYYAH, what do you do, feast on rice, beef,goat meat, spices you name it. Is really you are people of the sunnah where is your ikhlaas and adherence to the authentic practices of our habib (SAW)? The people most where the MAWLIDIYYAH take their proofs are JOKERS no doubt, people who curse the companion such as Umar,Abu Bakr Uthmaan, Mu'aawiyah and other than them (Radhihiyyallahu 'anhumaa. Do you take munkar for what is good? You want to rely on people who claim they have the grey hair of rasuullahi (SAW) all over the world, those heretics and other than them, Yaa "abdullah muslim wake up and do more reading. Don't be on the religion of your forefathers, if they did it then you do it, if they did not, you leave it…… Be a MUSLIM! Its so sad muslims world over are in extreme compounded ignorant in the knowledge of the deen and the dunyya. Remember the first revelation of Allah through Jibril (AS) to our Habib (SAW), "IQRA"- are you reading yaa Muslim today? We have left the deen. If there was a celebration other than the two undisputed 'eeids, I would have been celebrating the victory of the Battle of Al-Badr no doubt history was written and that was the Furqaan….. But since it was not legislated, we leave it all together. Some heretics may take my qalaam that I do not love prophet Muhammad (SAW), far from it. Some will say look at this revert, he has just been in Islam 10 year now and he thinks he knows it all….thats unfortunate if you will ever think of me like that. People put so much efforts in preparing the MAWLID ANNABI than they do for Jumu'ah, and the two 'eids, Subhanallah!

    Lastly my brothers and sister with the ni'amah of intellect let us open polite discussions of issues of Ikhtilaaf in the deen of al-Islaam. But I recognize that such people are not worthy of any advise or discussing with because no matter what they are presented with, they just can't change or find time to look into the issue raised. I invite you to discuss with me via facebook (FB search email: send and email on and and Call me on +260977327619. I also advised you to listen to a lecture by Sheikh Abu Usamah Ath-Thahabi on YOUTUBE on the topic Mawlid-AnNabi…. You will not regret it.

    Jazakum Allahu for reading this long comment.


  3. Its a Shame! queuing up for food like that? I again want to comment on the article by paying attention to one of the brother who was boasting that the numbers have grown as compared to last year. Its funny to me for someone to think he/she is on the Haqq because the number of the Mubtadi'aa is increasing, are you ready to be responsible for misguidance yaum al-qiyaamah if your side turns out on the losing side? Ask yourself a question, has Allahu ta'alaa made obligatory on you to practice Mawlid of our prophet (SAW)… Since this is desputed by some people, it is better to leave off.

  4. Bravo Sheikh Mulosola…..Nathanie Got No Point On This Matter….In Love Of Our Prophet, Really? Abubakar,Alie,Uthman,Umar They Really Loved The Prophet Too But They Never At Once Celebrated His Birthday…. As Far As We Know We Were Given Two Celebrations Two Eids Thats….Amwenye Kukakamila Zopanda Pake Ndalama Zimenezo Takaperekeni Ku IZF Tiphunzilire Ife Mupeze Thawaab Osati Kupereka Ku Bid'ah Muti Mukapse Zaziii Apa

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