Rais Urged to Stop ‘Promoting Piracy’



    In Malawi there are young talented Muslims who are contributing towards the propagation of Islam through  different ways such as Islamic songs (Nasheeds) poetry and comedies  with Nasheed artist like Ishmael Katawala, Khadhaf Ahmed Pilo, poet Yusuf Bamusi and a stand-up comedian Anganga Ajabilu’ Enock Chitemwe leading the way.

    These artists spend a lot of money to come up with a piece of work used as tools of inculcating the true message of Islam.

    However, despite spending a lot of money in producing their work and Muslims embracing their talents, these artists find it difficult to sale their products to the Muslim community due to poor attitude that Islamic centered products are always free of charge.

    But let’s assume what can happen today if these artists have stopped producing their products because of financial problems? Where are Muslims going to get the message of Allah yet some of them do not like reading Quran or Hadiths?

    Muslims in the country should now start paying for any talent which is produced by a Muslim artist, says as a veteran journalist Tailosi Bakili.

    Tailosi says piracy is killing the vision of Muslims artists in the country.

    “We have the great talents in Islam like the nasheed artists, poets, comedians and many more who are contributing to the rising of Islam in the country but it’s my great concern that we, Muslims are failing to support them so that they can produce more work which can increase our faith in Islam. Instead, we are busy sharing their talents through different gadgets like phones, laptops and flash discs. This must stop and let’s start buying their original materials if we want to enjoy and increase our faith,” said Tailosi.

    Everyone should know that enjoying the talents of these artists without their consent or without paying for it, is the same as stealing  which is forbidden (Haraam)  before Allah.

    As we say every problem has its source, maybe the problem is lack of ethical principles in handling these artistic works especially to the main outlets for these products which allows everyone to come and get these products without paying anything.

    As Bakili has explained, there is need to think of the sustainability of the production of these artistry works hence the need of the stakeholders to put measures that puts at bay those who are involved in piracy.

    “Let me also ask Radio Islam, since it is the main outlet for these products, there is a bad tendency which has to stop. Many people go to that station to get nasheeds without paying anything, which is also a great factor leading to the killing of talents of our own artists. So, my request to all members of Radio Islam and the management is that they should be exemplary by stopping giving out any product of these artists to anyone because that’s theft,”  Tailosi who is also the Chairman for Machinga District explained.

    Of course, it is difficult to control piracy but still more Muslims can control it by upholding to Islamic teachings.

    “We cannot control piracy in the country and there is no any measure which we can put in place to fight against piracy even the government has failed and the reason is the advancement of electronic gadgets which people are using but we can only control piracy through being true Muslims who cannot accept to reap from someone’s work unlawfully. Let’s have a strong faith, let’s fear Allah by paying for every service or product we are getting.”

    However the Station Manager for radio Islam said he is not aware if the malpractice really takes place at his organization and said he will look into the matter before making any further comments.

    “Currently, I cannot comment on that issue since I am not sure whether we have such issues here because nobody has ever come forward to complain including the one who was making such comments on the public. I will investigate and find the proper way of dealing with it but I don’t think it was right to make that request on public. The best way would have been to come here to lodge their complaints,” he said.