Rampant killings of persons with albinism worries FEDOMA


    Media and Communications Officer for Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi (FEDOMA) Lyson Mapanga says the ongoing rampant killings of persons with albinism is worrisome and he has urged government to do more in fighting against the barbaric act.

    Recently, there have been reports about cases of killings and abductions of persons with albinism across the country. These cases are mostly happening in the border districts of Mulanje, Mangochi, Machinga and Karonga just to mention a few.

    One notable example is that of a 68 year old woman who was brutally murdered and had her body parts chopped off buy the culprits in Mulanje, the incident took place in January.

    Another example is that of eleven year old girl who was likely to be abducted in Machinga though she was fortunate enough to rescue herself.

    Mapanga said they do appreciate what government is doing but it seems the malpractice of killings and abductions of persons with albinism has resurfaced again.

    He said this is because of speculations that people can get rich with their body parts.

    “This is total violation of the right to life which is in the constitution under section sixteen and we ask all organs of security of this country to maximize security and the courts should make sure that justice prevails.

    “We are asking all Malawians tom report to police whenever they suspect anyone doing that barbaric act,” he said.

    He further appealed to parents of children with albinism to make sure that they are protected and they are being taken care off.

    “We should concentrate on our daily work to get rich than being cheated and having disbeliefs and misconceptions that we can get rich by using other people’s body parents,” he said.

    The killings and abductions of persons with albinism have been happening in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi a development which forced the Tanzanian government to ban witch doctors as a measure top control rampant killings of albinos.