Revolution Storm Sweeps Across Israel


    In what could be described as an unprecedented development, the revolution storm sweeping across the Middle East hasn’t spared the region’s only military superpower, Israel.

    The demonstrations, where people are chanting “revolution” are in its third week. They are spreading countrywide and increasing in numbers by the day with protesters calling for social justice in light of the lack of housing and the rising cost of apartment rentals in central Israel.

    Although the revolution is well covered in Israel, there is a complete black out on the mainstream media.

    According to news reports monitored online by Malawi Muslim Website, things are not going all that well in Israel to such an extent that there are widespread fears of a national revolution, spearheaded by students and the middle class. The demonstrations are posing a big threat to the current Likud government.

    On Monday, August 1, 2011 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the special Knesset session describing the protests as justified, whose concerns have to be addressed without harming the business sector although sources close to him say that the Prime Minister is convinced that the protesters have some political motives.

    Meanwhile, the leaders of the protesters have currently prepared a document to be presented to Netanyahu with demands ranging from the high cost of rentals, an end to privatisation, lower taxes, economic and education reforms, among others.