Saiti Jambo Confirms Being Sent On Forced Leave, Denies of Being Fired


    In just less than two months after Muslim Association of Malawi National elections, the organisation’s Executive director, Brother Saiti Jambo has been sent on forced leave. Jambo becomes the first casualty of what the new leadership describes as repositioning and restoring the reputation and glory of the Muslims mother body.

    Speaking to Malawi Muslims Official Website, Jambo denied having been fired and said he has just been sent on forced leave, but refused to give reasons and details.

    “Yes I can confirm that I have been sent on forced leave but I am not fired; that is what I can say now and nothing more.” He said. ” I don’t want to give you any more details because it is not for the public consumption. These are the kind of things that have seen me in this situation, they allege that I am the one giving out information to the media,” said Jambo.

    Although Jambo denies having been fired, rumour has it that the new MAM leadership has never liked him as he was seen as being a close ally of former Secretary General, Sheikh Dr Imran Shareef.

    Malawi Muslims official website has unconfirmed reports of fraudulent accounts where funds amounting to K7 million meant for HIV AIDS programmes are missing. The money was part of about K32 million which the organisation received from National AIDS Commission as its faith based response.

    During the campaign trail of the last elections, Malawi Muslims Official Website quoted the new MAM chair, Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad as saying if voted as chairman, he would not mind if somebody lost his job or not, in his measure to restore donor confidence.

    “And if MAM has a car today, it is the one from National AIDS Commission. They received 32 million kwacha where they took a portion to buy that car and I am telling you, there is no any programme they can tell that they have done with the remaining money; instead, someone has built a house comprising 18 rooms and a cottage worth 22 million kwacha. As a result, they have lost alot of donors due to lack of trustworthness.

    So I want to change this and I do not care whether somebody will lose his job or not because what I need is transparency and accountability,” he said.

    Speaking on strict condition of anonimity, some people say Jambo has faced the ordeal due to the 7 million kwacha saga.

    Meanwhile, Malawi Muslims Official Website has reliably established that MAM’s long time Accountant, January Bwanali is acting as Executive Director.

    The new leadership is also yet to appoint Secretary General, a post which in the previous regime was held by Sheikh Dr Imran Sherief who contested for the position of chairman and lost misarably to Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad.

    Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad is seen as a threat to some figures including some Islamic organisations due to his public outbursts and strong stand against deceit, corruption and fraud in Islamic institutions.


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