Sean Stone, The Son Of Famed Hollywood Director Oliver Stone, Embraces Islam

Sean: Embraced Islam Photo: Islamic Daily News

Sean Stone, the 27 year old filmmaker embraced Islam while working on a documentary in Iran. Stone maintained that his embracement of Islam should not be seen as a renunciation of other faiths and that he embraced Prophet Muhammad (saas) along with other prophets.

“Being there, seeing Islam in practice, having read Quran , having studied Islam at Oxford and  Princeton both, I just feel that is an extension of Judeo-Christian heritage and Mohammed is a prophet in that same line going back to Abraham. I reaffirm my belief in God…”

In another statement to CNN, Sean Stone said:

“Clash of civilization is nonsense. We have heard this model  especially since the 90s particular. and this conception that  Jews, Christians, and Muslims cannot live in harmony. I want to end that, that rhetoric and say I am a Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and I want to be able to understand all three religions and have a dialogue with people from all across the border.”

Regarding how his father responded his decision, Stone said:

“He [Oliver Stone] said Allah be with you.”



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