Sheikh Chabulika Describes Ulamah Council a Failed Organisation


    Malawi’s Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) Coordinator Sheikh Dinala Chabulika has described Majilis Ulamah in Malawi as a failed organisation citing mainly its ineffectiveness of ensuring the country has more competent sheikhs.

    Sheikh Chabulika who ironically is the Publicity Secretary for the organisation, said this on Sunday evening during Islamic Information Bureau update program on Radio Islam in which he features as a guest.

    He said instead of making sure that the country is having qualified sheikhs who should be working in masajid or Islamic Centres, the leaders are busy tussling over leadership position.

    “Right now the organisation is failing to come up with the data of Muslims in the Malawi. If the council was effective, it could have information in regard to how many sheikhs, Islamic centres are in the country. One will be surprised that the whole organisation which claims to be representing sheikhs has no such information,” he said.

    Sheikh Chabulika said it is a pity to note how many Muslims are masquerading as sheikhs when they are not qualified for that.

    “The ulama could have been making sure that only qualified sheikhs are working in our community. This could have eradicated the problem which Muslims are facing of being given wrong information,” he added.

    Many sheikhs in the country are facing a lot of problems like getting low salaries among others and that their qualifications are not recognised by the government of Malawi.

    Reporting by Ali Blessings Idi


    1. Sheikh Chabulika has a point and i totaly agred with him but the only way chabulika could have done is discuss internaly as he is publicity secretary of the org.Being the PS of the org,what is he doing to make sure that we have qualified sheikh?he does know how many IC in the country?how are we going to develop islam kumachita kuti we dont have imformation of how many muslims are we?how many are male/female?

    2. I salute the Sheikh for the remarks.we don't need to keep ourselves busy with nonsense things living the crucial issues aside. This remind me our discussion on the matter of population census with late Valiant Mussah at  MAM  officies in BT. I asked him what are you going to answer if the government ask you to provide the number of Muslims in the country? he just laughed and said "yes its true we are failures". when will these minor problems end?! stop dreaming lets come up with pure hearts to develop Islam and not getting rich behind it!

    3. Sheikh Chabulika, (publicity secretary?) u r part of the failed Ulamah Council, plse do something, do not throw caution to the wind but work it out internaly

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