Sheikh Tambuli Regrets His Controversial Gay Remarks

    Tambuli. Misquoted?  Photo Credit (The Nation)
    Tambuli. Misquoted? Photo Credit (The Nation)

    A Mangochi based Sheikh who has attracted heavy criticisms from the Muslim Community due to his statement suggesting the need to love gays has admitted to have made a mistake in uttering the controversial remark.

     The little known Sheikh Tambuli was speaking in Radio Islam’s contemporary issues program on Saturday which was monitored by Malawi Muslims website.

    While saying he was either misquoted or quoted out of context Tambuli surprisingly did not apologise to the Muslim Community on the issue which has sparked controversy considering the position of Islam on this unlawful act.

    This was in sharp contrast to what Most Muslims expected to hear from the sheikh who had sent wrong signal in regard to the Islamic point of view on gay rights.

     Despite saying agreeing with his fellow sheikhs that the act is harram, the sheikh was at it again contradicting renowned sheikhs Ali Kennedy and Sheikh Bakary Danken on discriminating these sinners.

    The sheikh maintained earlier maintained his position of gay rights suggesting it remains a hard task to identify the perpetrators.

    Some Muslims who had participated in the program by phone call noted that it was imperative for the sheikh to approach the media house which carried the article for him to retract the story upon saying that he was misquoted.

    When asked by the anchor Yusuf Chinyada to elaborate on his change of tune, Tambuli said ‘What I said is we are staying with them. But the ‘let’s show them’ love statement is not mine.’’

    This angered callers who insisted that he should retract the story if he was saying the truth.

    But the sheikh warily then rejected this demand saying Islam was a target in information distortion – a statement which suggested that he might have uttered the statement.

    As he went saving his face Tambuli said that he did not know what the workshop was all about.

    Meanwhile Sheikh Kennedy brushed off suggestion of some Presidential aspirants of spearheading referendum on this sinful act once voted into power next year.


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