Soche Teachers Training College Campus Shaken by a Shining Nikah for Deaf People

    Mr and Mrs Bakali at the Reception
    Mr and Mrs Bakali at the Reception

    There was happiness, steps in style and ululating amidst Islamic nasheeds directed by Master of Ceremonies brother Kazembe, during a colourful nikkah of brother Saidi Bakali from Duncane Village T/A Kalembo in Balaka to Madalo Manawira who comes from Nchiwa Village T/A Nthiramanja in Mulanje . All are deaf.

    The nikkah was officiated on 21st December, 2013,  by sheikh Twariq at Kanjedza Masjid at around 9:30am.

    Reception hall (1)  Reception hall (15)

    Reception was at one of halls at Soche Hill Teachers Training College compus. Many muslims gathered to witness for themselves, the possibility of the two getting married. There was a good number of deaf brothers and sisters as well who came for the same function led by brother Ahmad Saidi Masha, who is also a coordinator for Muslim Deaf Society (MUDESO) for Southern Region.

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    Mashacould be seen communicating with them instructing them what to do, when to do and how to do it. This is because he is knowledgeable in sign language. It is also reported that Mashahad once worked as a teacher for the deaf after resigning as a civil servant for the sake of assisting the Muslim Deaf Society.

    The groom works with Post Office in Limbe while bride is working as a stores clerk in one of the companies right there in Limbe. This is so seemingly because the two have a very good background of both circular and religious education through which Allah will ease stings of poverty of daily livelihood with regards to their status.

    Stern Bakali, a cousin to Said Bakali, expressed hope that despite their status, it is guaranteed that the couple will live in peace,God Willing, and thanked all those who participated in organising the function.

    Most people’s remarks were that the family can leave in harmony and peace because they are God fearing, have education, have common communication means and all are working. All these factors contribute to farewell of a humble family.