South African Revert Inspires Malawi Muslims


    Yesterday, a South African revert Brother Ashraf Schneider had a public lecture at the Malawi Polytechnic in Blantyre.

    Brother Schneider who is also a global outreach specialist of iERA shared with Muslims at the venue about his journey to Islam and practical method on how to approach and share Islam with non-Muslims.

    Firdaus Ulaya attended the event and told Malawi Muslim Website that the function was important.

    “It has helped us on how to passionately and intelligently invite non-Muslims to Allah and his religion with wisdom, humanity, love and reasoning,”

    “The event also helped to boost our confidence in explaining what is the religion of Islam to the non-Muslims,” Ulaya told Malawi Muslim Website.

    Brother Ashraf Schneider is today holding another public lecture at Iqra Propagation Centre in the same city of Blantyre.

    Today’s event is dubbed ” My Journey to God.”