Supreme Council to Hold Its Function at Al-barakah’s ZODEC: “I Don’t See anything Wrong” – Milazi

    Milazi: Confirmed the development
    Milazi: Confirmed the development

    Sheikh Dr Imran Shareef can now afford a smile after Al-barakah Charity Trust granted him its Zomba Development and Education Centre (ZODEC) to hold his function this coming weekend.

    This follows a rebuff which he received from Assalam Mualim in Mangochi when the Supreme Council of Ulama, an organisation which he leads wanted to present research papers on the impact of shiaism in Malawi.

    Dr Shareef wrote a letter to Sheikh Abdullah Muhammad Ballah of Assalam Complex requesting a venue for his function.

    But before allowing him to use the facility, Ballah thought of consulting sheikhs within the Complex who said they were aware of the event but resolved shunning away from it saying they do not recognize Supreme Council of Ulama.

    The sheikhs then later advised the Director not to allow him conduct the function in fear of bringing confusion among Muslims in the country. They argued Malawi has one legitimate council of Muslim Theologians called Ulama Council of Malawi.

    However, reports reaching this website indicate that Al-barakah Charity Trust has offered Dr Shareef the venue to hold the function.

    Executive Director of Al-Baraka Charity Trust Ibrahim Milazi has since confirmed the development in an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website.

    Milazi said his organization sees no any problem with Supreme Council of Ulama conducting such event at the centre.

    “I do not have any problem with any sheikh doing Dawa work in Malawi under any organization. In fact, this is why they are sent to Blantyre Islamic Mission. Others went even further to study abroad in countries like Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia so that the Umma benefits from them when they get back home. Therefore, what every Sheikh is doing anywhere is part of fulfilling that noble work.

    “I know that the participants will benefit from different research presentations that will be delivered from our learned sheikhs from across the country,” said Milazi.

    The seminar will be taking place for the second time under the Supreme Council of Ulama since the Sheikh won the hearts of a Saudi based Africa Dawa Committee.


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