Tambuli Saga: Muslim Youth Says Ulama Council Should Put Its House in Order

    Seleman: Let's put their house in order first
    Seleman: Let’s put their house in order first

    Voice of Muslim youth Network (VOMYON) has said while it is joining all Muslims in the country by condemning the uncalled for gay remarks made by Sheikh Ali Mdala Tambuli, the organisation has urged Ulama Council of Malawi to put proper policy which will define who is a sheikh.

    In recent press statement, Muslim Association of Malawi condemned sheikh Tambuli’s remarks and at the same time advising the media not to publish or broadcast anything to do with Islam without verifying the information with well renowned ulamas in the country.

    However, VOMYON said the problem is not only with the media itself, saying there is many people in the country who don’t really know what qualifies someone to be called a sheikh.

    “In our community, everyone in a robe, putting Kofia always and knows one or two verses from Quran is regarded as a sheikh. This is because Ulama Council has never ever sat down and release a policy document or any paper that explains who is a sheikh and their hierarchy. That is why we are having these problems.  So, it is important for the council to tell the nation, whether through the media or organise some workshops which will accommodate all the media fraternity including other stakeholders in order to tell them who is a sheikh and who is supposed to be interviewed or invited in some crucial events of national interest,” said VOMYON interim Vice President Ranira Suleman.

    Following the remark which Tambuli was quoted in the Nation on Sunday Newspaper, several Muslims and organizations including MAM brushed off the remarks saying his statement is not in line with the Islamic teaching.

    “‘How can we protect the rights of those people who are against the commandments of Allah the Almighty? It does not make sense to hear that suggestion coming from someone who claims to be a sheikh. As youth, we regard sheikhs highly and we don’t expect them to be the first people to act and behave in unislamic manner. What this sheikh has done has definitely sent a wrong signal to all Malawians in regard to our position as Muslims on this act which is a sin as said by Allah the Almighty in the holy Quran’’ Suleman said.

    She therefore appealed to the Majilis Ulama to put measures so that this should not happen again.

    Tambuli is said to have made the controversial remarks in Blantyre on the sidelines of a sexual reproductive health and rights with special focus on minority.

    Reporting by Ali Blessings Idi


    1. Why have we been so judgmental of Br Tambuli, to the extent of calling him “shaytan guided”? It’s un-Islamic to be judgmental. Let’s talk to Br Tambuli and point out Islam’s stand on gays but don’t judge him because that’s something between Tambuli and his creator. You may want to listen to this Sheikh about being judgmental

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