TANZANIA does not recognise new Libyan rulers

Ghadaf: Killed by rebels

Dodoma, (Daily News):

TANZANIA has maintained its stance that it will not recognise the new Libyan rulers led by the National Transition Council (NTC) until it fulfills conditions set by the Africa Union (AU), the National Assembly was told here on Wednesday.

The Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Mr Mahadhi Juma Maalim, said Tanzania will not recognise any regime that comes to power through unconstitutional means.

He cited Madagascar as the example, saying after Marc Ravalomana was re-elected in 2006, his government was dissolved in March 2009, in a militarily-backed uprising led by Andry Rajoelina. He said the existing regime led by Rajoelina is still not recognized by Tanzania.

He said further that Tanzania has not been convinced to recognise the Libyan government until it meets three criteria set by AU which include the formation of an inclusive transitional government, that will involve all segments and tribes in Libya.

He also said that the transitional government should foster on reconciliation and unite all the Libyan people in an all inclusive government in line with the AU Road Map on Libya, which will culminate with holding a democratic, peaceful, free and fair elections in the North African nation.

The Deputy Minister also added that the transitional government should ensure the existence of an independent Parliament and courts of law.

“The above criteria does not mean for Libya only, it has always been Tanzania’s stance not to recognize regimes that have failed to meet the existing international laws, rules and customs. It is the same criteria that Tanzania used not to recognize such regimes in Mauritania, Guinea (Conakry), Niger, and Madagascar,” he said.

However, he said after meeting the requirement for recognition, Tanzania now recognises regimes in Mauritania, Guinea and Niger but Madagascar has since failed to meet the criteria.

“We cannot recognize NTC. We have always denounced similar events in other countries, any such motion will be seen as double standards. Unless we are sure of the participation of Libyans in its formation and the officials leading it, we will recognized it,” he said.

The Deputy Minister was responding to a question from Salim Hemed Khamis (Chambani-CUF), who had demanded to know criteria used to recognise or not to recognise the NTC-led government in Libya.

The MP also queried whether the criteria used will be the same if any other nation in the world falls under the rebel regime.

He said further that Tanzania strongly condemned last month’s killing of former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and hundreds of thousands of other Libyan people.

He refuted suggestions that Tanzania government kept mum when NATO forces invaded Libya last February.

“We never kept quiet … Tanzania’s stance was very clear since the beginning of this war. We did not support the resolution. Khalifa Khalifa (Gando-CUF) questioned why the government did not react earlier on when NATO and NTC movement started in Libya way back in February this year.

The MP condemned western countries, which through their equally imperial media outlets, are trying to blackmail the continent into blindly rubberstamping its ill-advised military escapade in Libya.

Mr Christopher Ole Sendeka (Simanjiro-CCM) said western countries have the guts of installing their puppets in poor African countries and this should jointly be condemned in strongest possible terms. He questioned why Africa is failing to unite to fight and condemn such elements.

Source: Daily News

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