Tanzanian Claim on Lake Malawi Belonging Takes A Shape of Iraqi Invasion on Kuwait

Lake Malawi: At the centre of controversy

The Dodoma’s greedy and barbaric advance on lake Malawi is not far from Baghdad’s invasion on Kuwait, although some factual intensions might be a little bit different, but the malicious and tyrannical virtues remain the same.

Observing the reasons that motivated Iraqi attack on the then sister ottoman empire’s protectorate are quite similar to Tanzania’s assault on the Africa’s third largest water body(lake Malawi)thus; feeling dominant, jealous, greed and selfishness.

The Iraqi government after its war against Iran became a dominant force in the gulf region in terms of heavy investment in arms and training, although Iraq had considerable oil reserves of her own, the 1990 Kuwaiti’s increase production and lower oil prices brought to Iraq  a jealous impact, it therefore unsoundly suspected Kuwait being  drilling diagonally from its side of the border to tap Iraqi oil reserves, subsequently  the Iraqi government invaded Kuwait and justified the move primarily on the grounds that Kuwait was once a part of Iraq and should be again.

Likewise the Indian ocean Dar-e-salaam port which is the Tanzania’s economic machine makes  Tanzania feel  dominant economically as far as Malawi and other neighboring  land locked countries are concerned, this, and the jealousy, selfishness, and greedy virus on Malawi’s move to explore oil and gas from lake Malawi show clearly that Tanzanian leaders are taking Saddam Husain as a role model.


By following Saddam’s footsteps Tanzania should be reminded of the presence of the western influence in the gulf terrain under a watchword of “desert shield”. Thus, when the king Fahad administration of Saudi Arabia recognized its situation as dire it immediately requested aid from its most powerful friend and ally, the united states, president Bush promptly ordered the U.S ground and air forces to Saudi territory, the U.S navy ships were also deployed to the region so began the operation to defend Saudi Arabia that would be called “DESERT SHIELD” which later turned into a total western occupation on world’s richest oil region.

 In a conclusion I urge leaders of the two neighbouring countries( Malawi, Tanzania) to solve the matter  peacefully before the western eagles are approached to build an” eastern coast shield” and occupy riches and natural gifts surrounding the two countries as they  did with the Horn of Africa.

The author of this article is Abbas Muslim Vinjenje, retired MDF soldier, currently studying in Makkah – kingdom Saudi Arabia.   Views expressed in this article are for the author and doesn’t necessarily reflect those of Malawi Muslims Official Website