Tears of Joy as MAM Opens Mosque in Namwera

    Kwiputi mosque
    The new mosque

    It was an emotional occasion when Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Chairperson, Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad opened a Mosque at Kwiputi Village in Namwera, Mangochi. It might have been an odd spectacle to some onlookers, but for Dhulam Swalley, it was a dream come true and he couldn’t hold his tears upon seeing a Mosque which stalled for four solid years, completed and ready for prayers.

    August 26, 2016 will remain in the memory the community of Namwera after MAM chairperson Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad officially opened a Mosque in the area. The completion of the construction of the Mosque has been made possible with funds from the MAM National Chairman.

    Soon after the MAM chair cut a ribbon to signify the official opening of the Mosque, Swalley got overwhelmed by the development and he couldn’t believe his eyes as tears of joy trickled down uncontrollably.

    “We have gone through several challenges to have this Masjid completed. From financial constraints to misunderstandings among the community. However, I am so glad that we have now buried our differences and we have chosen to unite. Thanks to the Chairman who heeded to our call by assisting us and today we witness the opening of this beautiful masjid,” he said.

    Swalley crying uncontrollably
    Swalley crying uncontrollably

    In his remarks, the National Chairman for Muslims umbrella body, Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad hailed the community of Traditional Authority Jalasi for their gesture and unity to construct a Mosque on their own without initial donor support. The Mosque has been constructed to the tune of 7 to 8 Million Kwacha with monetary and material contributions by the community and complementary funds from the MAM Chairperson.

    “This is quite remarkable and worth commending. I want all Muslims in Malawi to emulate this gesture. It’s high time we stopped donor dependence especially when we can do something like what we have seen from our colleagues here. We need to change our mindset and adopt a new paradigm,” said the National Chairman.

    MAM Chair for mindset change
    MAM Chair for mindset change

    Sheikh Muhammad who has personally contributed over 50 percent of the total construction cost, said he was very pleased with the attitude of the community who started the Masjid project with their own funds.

    “let me make it clear, the money I have contributed is from my pocket after seeing the interest and determination of the community to help themselves.

    “It’s so disheartening to see even capable people always expecting some assistance. We see people who have means queuing for sadakah (charity). What they don’t realize is that Allah loves people who give unlike those who always receive,” said Muhammad.

    The National Chairman also called for unity, observing that most challenges which Muslims are facing would end if they united.


    1. Allah Akbar!
      It is indeed an unbelievable because,none of us could have believed that this day will come at one way or the other. There was alot of challenges that some of us who were leading the project from the scratch our lives was threatened. At several times,we were given the ultimatum that is to say,we choose between Masjed project or death. This was so just because a former member of parliament(name withheld)wanted to illegally grab the land which we were legally given by the late GVH Chief Kwiputi,and endorsed by Senior Chief Jalasi.
      However,using the political powers and money,he tried by all means to grab the land that which we have had already planned for this magnificent structure (Masjed) but,by the grace of Allah,we managed to conquer him along his lieutenants until he succumbed to the ground.

    2. And,on behalf of the Fundraising committee,on behalf of the construction committee,on behalf of the jamaat of Kwiputi Central Masjed and the entire Muslim community of Kwiputi village and,Namwera in particular,and on my own behalf,would like to confirm that,
      Indeed,His eminence Sheikh Idrissa Mohammad,MAM President,took it upon himself in assisting us with the monetary as well as materials up to the 50% plus of the whole figure. As jamaat,did our side he too did his side towards project contributions.
      The Kwiputi Central Masjed committee,and the entire Muslim community would like to appreciate and be grateful to his eminence Sheikh Idrissa Mohammad,and to intercede on his behalf before Allah that may he have mercy on him by granting him jannah and also grant him victory over his opponent in shaa Allah.
      I,therefore,urge Muslims of Malawi to have rallied behind Sheikh Idrissa Mohammad and supplicates to Allah for his victory in this forth coming elections in shaa Allah.

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