The Future Of Islam Among The Working Muslims


    The future of any society lies in the youth. Be it religious society or otherwise, the youth make the future generations. The way the society raises its youth determines how the future generation will be. Islam is not an exception to this.

    I caught up with sheikh Chipelepele of Chifubu, Ndola-Zambia. “It is true that the way we raise our children will have an impact on the future of our religion.” Said sheikh Chipelepele. When asked to comment on the future of Islam among the working class,sheikh Chipelepele responded, “Allah places the responsibility of raising good children in the hands of the parents up to the time when the children can make decisions on their own. “

    The sheikh explained the challenges the working parents face when it comes to looking after the children in an Islamic way.” As parents, we supposed to have time for our children every day when we reach home from our work. We supposed to share the word of Allah with them every day. But what is happening now is that, by the time most parents reach home, they are already tired and the majority don’t bother to find out, how their children have been? What they have been doing? Who they hang out with? As a result of this unconcerned attitude, our children tend to adopt external tutors from where they get their ways of life (adabu).” Said the sheikh.

    “But what we need to realize is that, we will be questioned on the day of qiyamat on how we raised our children. Because Allah has given us children and has placed the responsibility of making sure that we raise them to become good Muslims. If we lay the good foundation for them, the chances of them growing up as good Muslims is very high as compared to those who are left to search the deen on their own as long as they come from a Muslim family.” Explained sheikh Chipelepele.

    “What is happening in most homes especially those with televisions and Internet, is that only few parents monitor what programs their children watch, the web sites their children visit. Without parental guidance, children will try whatever they want and end up doing things that are haraam.” Complained the sheikh.

    He advised parents never to neglect their parental duties as on the day of qiyamat they will be required to explain how they raised their children. “I urge my fellow parents not to neglect our obligations as parents. If we raise them accordingly, Allah will reward us but if we fail to raise them according to Islamic teachings, we will pay for that.” Warned the sheikh.

    It is indeed the responsibility of parents to make sure that the deen of Islam, continues with responsible members. We can only achieve this if parents take interest in raising their children in an Islamic way.