The Mang’anja Urges President Mutharika to declare Malawi a Christian State

    Mutharika: urged to declare Malawi a Christian State

    The Mang’anja, one of the tribes in Malawi, has asked President Bingu wa Mutharika to declare the country a Christian State before he leaves office.

    Leader of the grouping, Puleni Chilikumnzako who is also one of the renowned historians said this in Magomero Zomba during the commemoration of the Anglican Mission’s 150 years existence in Malawi.

    “Malawi is not a secular country. It is a Christian country by virtue of the Mang’anja people. After the Akafula having accepted Christianity with open hands, the first president of Republic of Malawi also announced at three occasions that Malawi is a Christian state. Malawi is Christian country with Christian morals. So, like David Livingstone did, we leave it to you to declare Malawi a Christian state before you leave the office. How would do we remember those who died in this country?” he said.

    Chilikumnzako also told Malawi Muslim Official Website in an exclusive interview that Christians have done many things, from end of slavery to the development of this country. Hence, they deserve to be honoured by making Malawi to be a complete Christian state.

    “To say that Malawi is a secular country is unrealistic. We Christians, more especially the Mang’anja people who were the victims of slavery, feel that the only way we can be honoured and the best thing Malawi can do to thank the Lord is by making the country a Christian state like our friends did in Zambia. And I don’t think that people of other faiths will have a problem with that,” said Chilikumnzako.

    However, in response to the call, Minister of information and civic education honourable Patricia Kaliati has described the remarks as ‘unfortunate’.

    “As government we cannot comment on that one. It is very unfortunate remarks and we cannot tolerate that. Malawi will remain as it is, a secular country regardless of whether we have more Christians or not,” said honourable Kaliati.


    1. I think people should sometimes consult before they make their statements in public.Does it take a declaration of a country as a Christian nation for one to practise Christian morals? He has a church where he can preach and advise his followers to practise and be a good example of a Godly people without involving politicians in their campaign. Malawi is a country of diverse people with different faiths. Let the country remain the way it is without making other people feel inferior to some faith just because it has received political pat. The minister is right to brush aside the sentiments.

    2. This time, I can pat Kaliati on her back. Malawi should not be devided along religious line. All religions should be allowed to practice their faith without fear. All the religions have contributed very much to the development of Malawi. No one religion should claim the right to developing the country alone.

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