The most beloved, Muhammad (pbuh)


    This poem is about our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and how much I love him. In Islam we love Allah the most then the prophet (pbuh) then our mother. A lot of people see him only as a man. He is more than a man, and if you don’t love him more than any other human (even you wife, or mother) then something is wrong with your Iman. Anyway I hope you enjoy this poem

    Oh Muhammad (pbuh) what I’d do to see your face
    You’re the most merciful of the human race
    Even thought you have died
    Your mercy and love Is worldwide
    You brought guidance and truth
    You loved us so much, you fought and lost a tooth
    You taught us about honor and respect
    And that we are humans, we aren’t perfect
    You had many great companions like Khalid ibn al-waleed (ra)
    Charging the enemy at full speed
    You taught us that we must learn to read
    And the poor we must feed
    A messenger of Allah you are indeed
    You were given the Quran that’s what Allah has decreed
    And taught us that no one can intercede
    Except to whom Allah has agreed
    And you taught us it’s better to have a slave freed
    Because you will earn a good deed.
    Oh Muhammad (pbuh) please don’t be disappointed in me
    I’m trying to be the best I can be
    I spread your message through my rhyme
    I would give everything to see you just one time
    And even thought they might draws cartoons of you
    Everyone knows those cartoons are untrue
    And who drew those pictures? I wish I knew
    I would hit him with my shoe
    And I wouldn’t care if he was gonna sue
    Defend you honor I must do
    Because I love you.