Ruling on Seeking Help from Kaffir (unbelievers) Part 2



Part 2

(If you did not read part 1, then it’s advisable that you start from part 1)

See for example, one of their (some Sheikhs’) claims is that the prophet (PBUH) used a polytheist guide when he decided to make Hijrah from Mecca to Medina with his companion Abu Bakr (R.A), he (PBUH) used the polytheist to guide them though. This is one example. The other example that some use as the evidence is that the prophet (PBUH) borrowed from Safwan Ibn Umayah some shields he had and when the prophet (PBUH) borrowed them, the man thought out of fear and weakness in comparison to the status of the prophet (PBUH). He thought the prophet (PBUH) was going to take them against his will, so he asked “are you taking them forcefully or do you want to borrow them and then return them?” The prophet (PBUH) said “No, I am borrowing them”.

 See the difference between those two incidents and others from which they use as evidence. You will find a very big difference. All of the incidents- and I have mentioned some to you clearly show that the prophet (PBUH) sought help from kuffar, he was the powerful one, and able to defeat and destroy them if they thought of deceiving or harming him (PBUH). He was the stronger one when he was with the companion Abu Bakr (R.A). If that guide (who was showing them the way between Makkah and Medinah) wanted to decieve them, they would be able to defeat him. Also Safwan Ibn Umayah felt weak as he asked the prophet (PBUH) “are you taking them forcefully or do you want to borrow them?” The prophet (PBUH) said as Allah (SW) has said, “And verily you (Muhammad) are on the exalted (standard) of character” (Qur’aan 68:4) “No am borrowing it.”

And also when he made alliance in some incidents with a tribe of Jews, he made the alliance and he (PBUH) was in a powerful side. Proof is that when they wanted to decieve him, he (PBUH) fought them and defeated them as is known in his biography. So where are these partial incidents (which they use as evidence) if compared to the biggest disaster which has hit us in this era? As the Islamic countries – all of them including Iraq itself, which all muslim countries fear (before America attacked), if they got togather.

They can not do anything unless they return to Islam. They will not be able to get the Americans and the British out of the Muslim countries. How can we compare the sorry reality we live in and those partial incidents with the contranvention of this reality of this rule that we must not forget about, which is “we do not seek help from polytheists (disbelievers).” This is the rule.

If an incident contradicts with the rule, then it must be compared to the rule, and not the other way around, compare the rule to the incident, try make it work out and make it fit under these partial incidents in which the rule (that prohibits the help from the polytheists) is not violated. Because the prophet (PBUH) used their help for interest to get a beneficial service done. And please, pay attention to what am saying here: he (PBUH) did it for an interest that has no harm in it at all! But in our reality these days, first of all the interest is not earned and secondly, the damage is clearly earned. Proof of this is the spreading of evil in Muslim countries, the spread of corruption and immorality and lewdeness among women in many countries (Saudi) that have been occupied by the Americans. And it does not concern me to rely on some of the narrations in the partial incidents (the spread of corruption and immorality) because truthfully I do not trust them. Either these (narrations) are for us or against, it’s upon us to move from these narrations in the partial incidents, but we know by observing. The Jews for example when they occupied Palestine, they spread corruption and lewdness and transgression.

And those who go to European and American lands can see the corruption and the pornography in the streets. So what stops those kuffar from spreading their corruption into the Muslim lands, while they were invited to Islamic countries and did not even force themselves in like during the Crusades? And finally, we say as a consequence, is there a way to get those kuffar out of Muslim countries? If some say ‘yes, we have a convenant between Saudi and America and the British and that we say “we brought you here by our will and whenever we order you to leave you have to obey our demand”’ Then is this something that can be believed by anyone who knows the hatred and deception of those kuffar and how they break every promise they make? And also that’s well known by some Muslims and all the countries.

So I can’t find in what we hear nowadays any proof to justify this disaster (of seeking help from kuffar) anything that makes permissible at all. But this disaster, as I have mentioned before, has not hit our Islamic nation ever. And I ask Allah (SWT), or else the Muslims will be even more unable to stand against the Jews in Muslim countries, those Jews whom it’s said about them that they are a small group of people of the humiliated Jews, so how will we be able to stand against the Americans, the British…and others from among those cornered the Muslims? And with the request from the Muslim country, which we were looking forward that it would be first Muslim country to refuse the assistance from the polytheists.

And to Allah we belong and to Him is our return.

I compiled this fatwa from one of the audio-fatwas of Sheikh Naasirrudin al-Albaani so that Muslims should be open-minded on the current chaos in the Muslim lands and to be able to comment  using intellectually and Islamically  sound facts on the on-going topsy-turvy wars in which the Muslim fighters have consistently sought   help and protection from kuffar.

Allah knows best